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Create and manage multiple Help Centers
Create and manage multiple Help Centers

How to use Multi Help Center to create separate knowledge bases for your different products or brands.

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The Multi Help Center feature allows you to create and manage several Help Centers for your various brands within a single workspace. These additional Help Centers are fully featured and largely independent from the initial Help Center. This is currently only available on the Expert plan (or our legacy Scale plan).

Key benefits

  • Tailored customer experience - Customize each Help Center to match the unique identity of your different brands, enhancing customer engagement and brand recognition.

  • Streamlined content management - Quickly share an article across multiple Help Centers and collections. Avoid wasted time and effort duplicating content for each brand.

  • Help Centers with Messenger Brands - Link your Messenger Brand styles with dedicated Help Center content. Each Messenger Brand can provide Article suggestions from the linked Help Center.

Get started

To create a new Help Center, go to Help Center and click + New Help Center.

You can create up to 30 Help Centers per workspace.

Give your new Help Center a name and choose the default URL. This name should be unique across all of your Intercom Help Centers.

You can add custom domains in Settings, after the Help Center is created.

Click Save to create the Help Center. This will take you to the Settings page for your new Help Center where you can finish setting up and customizing.

Your first Help Center is the default Help Center. You can’t change this setting or delete this Help Center.

There is no way to clone settings and styling from one Help Center to another, either within the same workspace or from one workspace to another.

Managing multiple Help Centers

All Articles page

Filter articles by Help Center, then add and save those common views for easy access in future.

Choose to see Help Center and Collections in the table view of the All Articles page, using the Display columns picker.

Article Settings and Collections

You'll see which Help Centers and collections an article belongs to in the Article Editor. Clicking on this link allows you to manage the Settings.

From the Settings view, you can add an article to one or more Help Centers and collections.


  • An article can't belong to more than one collection within the same Help Center.

  • If an article is added to multiple Help Centers, any article links contained within that article will automatically render in the same Help Center the customer was visiting when they viewed that article. So you don't need to duplicate content to add Help Center specific article links. However you need to ensure that the articles are also live across the multiple Help Centers for this to work.

An article can also be added to a collection from the Collections view.

The diagram below highlights that collections must belong to a single Help Center. Whereas, articles can be associated with one or more Help Centers.

There is no easy way to migrate your articles from one Help Center to another within a workspace or between workspaces.

Article URLs

If a published article belongs to more than one Help Center, use the dropdown to select the correct article link you need for that Help Center.

Unlisted articles are articles which are published but do not belong to a collection. These articles will use the styling and domain name of your default Help Center (the first one you created).

Delete a Help Center

You may delete any additional Help Centers you have created from your workspace by going to Help Center > Settings > General > Delete Help Center.

Once the Help Center is deleted, it can’t be restored. You can’t delete your default Help Center or the Help Center that is linked to the Messenger Brand.

Connect to Messenger Brands

A Messenger Brand can be targeted to (auto-launched from) a known URL and each Messenger Brand may be associated with a dedicated Help Center you create in your workspace.

  • Each Messenger brand style mapped can be mapped to a unique Help Center.

  • Many Messenger brand styles can be mapped to a common Help Center.

  • Messenger brand styles and multiple Help Centers are supported on Mobile SDKs.

Learn more about creating Messenger Brands for Web and Mobile SDKs.

Existing Messenger Brands

To connect a Help Center with an existing Messenger Brand, go to Settings > Messenger and find Connect Messenger with Help Center.

The selected Help Center will be used for the Help space, as well as the Article Search app in the Messenger.

Articles with more views are suggested first on the Messenger Home space. Newer articles will require more views before they appear under suggested articles.

If you have 1 Messenger Brand and multiple Help Centers, in the setting there will only be one dropdown with the Help Center selection.

If you have multiple Messenger Brand styles and multiple Help Centers, in the setting there will be two dropdowns with Messenger Brand and Help Center selection.

New Messenger Brand

Connect a Help Center to a new Messenger Brand from Settings > Messenger > Web > Styling under Design your brand styles.

When you add a new brand, you can choose which Help Center you want this brand to use in the Messenger.

When creating a new Messenger Brand for a Help Center, make sure that the Messenger Brand URL matches the Help Center URL. Learn more about creating Messenger Brands for Web and Mobile SDKs.

Zendesk Importer

When syncing articles or migrating from Zendesk, choose the Target Help Center in Intercom where you want to add all your Zendesk articles and collections.

Article Inserter

In the Inbox

To ensure your Support team knows which Help Center different articles belong to when sending them in the Inbox, they can filter articles in the Article Inserter.

  • Articles are grouped by Help Center in search results when searching in the default All Help Centers view.

  • Teammates can also filter by a Help Center name, or by Unlisted articles, which are articles that belong to any Help Center and are not indexed by search engines.

Teammates can also easily identify the source Help Center when using the Article Inserter in:

  • The Messenger

  • Custom Answers

  • Checklists

  • Smartlinks


Article views, mentions and reactions can be filtered by Help Center, in addition to the ‘All Help Centers’ filter in the Articles report.

Statistics for unlisted articles are recorded and displayed for the default Help Center.

From the Article Editor view, you can also filter and view the performance of that article on a per Help Center basis.

Fin AI Agent

From the Overview page, you'll see the total number of Help Centers Fin AI Agent is using as a content source.

Fin AI Agent will suggest AI Answers based on the Help Center and Messenger brand defined in the Messenger settings. For example, if an article is in Help Center 1 and a conversation starts on a webpage for Brand 1, Fin AI Agent successfully finds the article.

However, if the conversation is on a webpage for Brand 2 and the user's question is from Help Center 1, Fin AI Agent won't find the article, as it specifically searches in the associated Help Center. Moving the article to Help Center 2 resolves this issue.

When using the Fin AI Agent Preview in your workspace, the Messenger will always use the default brand and the Help Center associated with it. If you have another Help Center associated with another Messenger brand it will still show as the default brand.

API support

For Multi Help Center users, there are new endpoints and extended existing endpoints.

It's currently not possible to add an article to multiple collections via the API. Workaround is to add to a single collection via the API and then use the standard Article Editor view to add an article to multiple collections / Help Centers.


If you downgrade, we'll pause all Help Centers except your default one. We'll also update all your Messenger Brands to point to the default Help Center.

If you upgrade again, all your Messenger Brands will still point to the default Help Center, no matter which Help Center they were associated with before.


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