Customize the Switch experience

Personalize the experience for your customers and decide how switched conversations are identified by your teammates.

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Customizing a few settings makes the Switch experience feel more personal. Start by editing the SMS to match your company brand and tone, and allow teammates to acknowledge your existing customers who have switched to Messenger.

Customize the experience for your customers

The SMS that your customers will receive when they press the option to Switch is completely customizable and you can update this across all the languages you have set up to support.

Go to Switch settings > Customize the experience and click on “Switch SMS”. Then click inside the message on screen to start editing it.

Note: The SMS to switch the conversation will come from a US number. If your customer’s country supports alphanumeric SMS, they will see your business’s name when they receive the SMS instead of the phone number.

Important: Your customers will receive either SMS or email notifications about subsequent replies to the conversation if they leave the Messenger. SMS notifications will only be sent if the customer’s email address is not known.

Customize the experience for your teammates

By default, Switch is set to create a new lead when a conversation starts. You'll need to opt in if you’d like Switch to automatically identify existing users by their phone number, so your teammates can have all their customer information to hand.

To opt in, go to Switch settings > Identifying existing users and select this option:

When this option is selected, Switch will associate the conversation with existing users in Intercom who have a matching phone number. If no matching phone number exists, a new lead will be created.

Some phone numbers stored in Intercom might have been collected automatically, e.g. via a bot. You should verify your users’ identity before discussing sensitive information.

If you stay opted out, a new lead will be created for every switched conversation.

After switching to the Messenger, your customer will need to send a message for a conversation to be created in the Help Desk. Teammates can tell it’s a switched conversation by an internal note that says “Inbound call from [customer’s phone number] switched to chat.”

Now that the conversation has moved to Messenger, teammates can respond to this conversation the same way they currently use the Help Desk.

Switched conversations will act like any other conversation in the Messenger and CSAT will be sent when closed (if turned on in Automation > Basics).


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