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Monitoring and reporting
Monitor Switch conversations and see reports
Monitor Switch conversations and see reports
Monitor your Switch usage in detail and find conversation reports.
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When you start deflecting calls to the Messenger, you’ll want to see some stats to know how well it’s working, such as how many switched and how many started a conversation.

Monitoring conversations

View your Switch usage in detail by going to Settings > Switch > Monitor:

  • Switched means the end user decided to switch from the phone call.

  • Messenger Opened means the end user clicked the link in the SMS to open the Messenger.

  • Conversation Started means the end user sent a message in the Messenger.

Note: If you click on “2 conversations started” you’ll see a list with those conversations as shown below:

Next to each switched call, you’ll be able to see if a conversation started.

Click on the conversation button to see a list of all conversations that started via Switch. The selected conversation will open first.


Teammates can report on Switched conversations by filtering or breaking down by channel > Phone Switch. This is accessible in all Customer Support reports, CSV exports and Custom reports.


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