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Automate Switch workflows with Custom Bots and Inbox rules
Automate Switch workflows with Custom Bots and Inbox rules
Increase your team efficiency further by using Custom Bots and Inbox rules for easy conversation handling.
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Improve your team efficiency further by using Custom Bots to target Switch customers specifically, and let Inbox rules automate workflows.

Automating with Custom Bots

Target your Switch customers specifically by copying the URL under Settings > Switch > Custom Bots on Switch.

Then click “Set up Custom Bots” and edit or duplicate an existing Custom Bot from new conversations.

In your Custom Bot, go to Rules > Where to send, and add a page rule where “Current page URL contains”.

You can also use the Switch template when you create “New Custom Bot” from Custom Bots > From new conversations as a starting point to specifically target customers that Switch.

Important: When you use a Custom Bot to target customers that Switch, make sure this bot is ordered higher in priority than other bots so that it will trigger.

Note: Custom Bots work with Switched conversations even without targeting them specifically. So if you have Custom Bots that target users or leads, they will appear in the Switch conversation automatically.

Automating with Inbox rules

Route Switch conversations in the Inbox using rules to ensure they go straight to the right people and place.

Go to Inbox > Automation > Rules and edit an existing rule, or create a new rule. Then add a condition “From Phone Switch is true” to route based on Switch conversations.

This rule works well alongside other existing attributes such as:

  • Phone number - use ‘Starts with’ and the country code to route to specific country teams.

  • CDAs - to route based on specific attributes (if you used the API installation for Switch).

For example, if you wanted to route all VIP Spanish customers to your VIP Spanish Support team, you could use the following attributes:


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