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How to use Command-K with Intercom Help Desk
How to use Command-K with Intercom Help Desk

Become super efficient with keyboard shortcuts, including Command-K

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Increase your team productivity and business efficiency by responding to customers at lightning speed with a completely new way of working – everything is just a Command-K away. Command-K allows you to compose replies, perform actions and navigate around the Help Desk really quickly, without needing to lift your fingers off the keyboard or even remember the shortcuts.

To access the Command-K action menu, simply press the following keystrokes:

  • K on Mac.

  • Ctrl K on Windows.

Command-K actions

Compose a reply

Compose a note

Use macro

Insert emoji



Upload attachment

Insert gif

Upload image

Assign to

Go to

Switch to dark theme

Switch language

New conversation

Switch to table layout

Insert an article

Jump to app details

Tag message (first)

Tag message (most recent)

Manage tags

Manage macros

Create new macro

Navigating Command-K

Once you’ve opened the Command-K action menu, you can quickly navigate around with your keyboard. Your current selection will be highlighted in gray.

  • To move your selection up.

  • To move your selection down.

  • Enter To choose your current selection.

  • esc To close the Command-K action menu.

You can also ⌘/Ctrl K and start typing the action in the search to go straight to it.

Tip: You’ll notice direct shortcuts to many of the actions are displayed on the right, so you can get familiar with them and use these keystrokes to jump to those actions even faster.

Using direct keyboard shortcuts

Even though Command-K is one shortcut to access many things quickly, there are also direct shortcuts to trigger popular actions.

A cheat sheet of all available shortcuts can be found with ⌘/Ctrl K and select Keyboard shortcuts.

Note: Direct shortcuts are supported on English (QWERTY), French (AZERTY), Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, and other non-Latin language keyboards using Chrome or Edge browsers.

Important: Make sure you’re outside the composer before using these shortcuts.

Main shortcuts

[ Show or hide the left menu.

] Show or hide the right menu.

⌘/Ctrl E Hide or show events.

Conversation shortcuts

⌘/Ctrl Shift Y Close a conversation.

⌘/Ctrl Shift O Reopen a conversation.

Z Snooze a conversation

P Change the priority of a conversation.

A Assign a conversation to a teammate or inbox.

C Start a new conversation.

Shift T Tag the most recent message in a conversation.

Navigation shortcuts

G Go to a different inbox.

J Open previous conversation.

K Open the next conversation.

L Switch between table and chat layout.

⌘/Ctrl Jump to the top of the page.

⌘/Ctrl Jump to the bottom of the page.

X Checkmark a conversation to bulk select

Move the page up.

Move the page down.

Composer shortcuts

R To compose a reply.

N To compose a note.

⌘/Ctrl Enter Send the reply.

⌘/Ctrl Shift Enter Send the reply and close the conversation.

⌘/Ctrl Option Enter Send the reply and snooze the conversation.

⌘/Ctrl Shift G Find and insert a gif.

⌘/Ctrl Shift I Find an image to upload.

⌘/Ctrl Shift H Find and insert an article from your Help Center.

⌘/Ctrl Shift A Find an attachment to upload.

: Insert an emoji.

\ Find and use a macro.

Ticket shortcuts

⌘ / Ctrl Shift Enter To cross-post a note.


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