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The next-gen Inbox explained
How to use Command-K in the Inbox
AI-Assist Inbox features [Beta]
Managing conversations
Work as a team and respond to conversations at scale
Start a conversation from the next-gen Inbox
Prioritize responding to customers who’ve been waiting longest
Get context fast with user and company profiles
Manage group conversations in the next-gen Inbox
Manually qualify leads as you chat
Assign conversations to teammates and teams in the next-gen Inbox
Snooze a conversation in the Next Generation Inbox
Loop teammates into conversations in next-gen Inbox
Search and filter your conversations in the next-gen Inbox
See a custom list of conversations in real time with Inbox views
Prioritize your most important conversations in the next-gen Inbox
Accessing unsupported attachment file types in the next-gen Inbox
Start a WhatsApp conversation
Prevent replies after you close a conversation
Using macros in the next-gen Inbox
The Inbox (legacy)
Intercom's Inbox explained