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Best practice for adding support agents to Intercom
Best practice for adding support agents to Intercom
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The first step is to make sure all implementation drivers have access to Intercom. This is typically a small group of teammates who are already aware of Intercom. This includes:

  • The project manager or teammate responsible for implementation of Intercom

  • Support team members responsible for building out workflows, particularly those who have knowledge of your existing workflows (i.e. team leads, support managers, support ops)

From there, you'll want to create a plan for getting support agents added to Intercom.

We recommend the following flow:

Step 1: Send communications to give agents a heads up

Why send communications first?

Inviting agents to Intercom (Step #2) will trigger an email notification, and we want to give agents the proper context for when they receive that email. Also, taking an Academy course (Step #3) will require teammates to have an existing account with Intercom. We want give agents enough time to work though the academy, and implementation drivers can be building out workflows in the meantime.

Suggested communication template

Below is an template you can use and tweak as needed -- use it to create an email or to create a post in your internal communication tool.

Hello team 👋

As you know, we'll be starting up with Intercom as our primary chat tool on [insert date].

To prepare for the launch, we're asking that everyone completes the Intercom's Academy course "For Support teams: Provide a great customer support experience" by [insert deadline date].

You will all be receiving an email invite notification soon. Once you've successfully created your Intercom account via that email, you'll gain access to the Intercom Academy. It's absolutely mandatory that all agents complete this course before starting to reply to customers. The course should take ~60 minutes, so feel free to block of some time in your calendar now to make sure this gets done in time.

In the Academy course, you'll be guided through setting up your teammate profile and inbox view. Make sure to complete the following.

  1. Create your Intercom account by accepting your invitation

Please reach out if you come across any questions while getting that set up.

Step 2: Invite all support agents to Intercom

If your subscription includes Custom Roles, be sure to create roles first to easily bulk add teammates. We've listed a few example roles and their recommended permissions here.

From here, you can invite teammates from the teammates setting page. Follow this guide to learn more about how to invite teammates to Intercom.

You may want to consider only giving restricted permissions to agents while they work through the academy course and while you build out the workflows.

Step 3: Assign Academy course

Once teammates have created their Intercom account (via the link in their email notification), they'll be able to access the Intercom Academy. For support agents, we recommend the course, "For Support teams: Provide a great customer support experience".

With teammates added to Intercom, we’re in a good place to create teams 💪


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