Accepting an invite to an Intercom workspace

How to accept an invite and start collaborating with your team using Intercom

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A teammate has invited you to a workspace, but now what? All you have to do to accept an invite and get started with Intercom is:

  1. Open your invite email and click "Join your team"

  2. Log in using your email+password, Google Sign-On, or SAML SSO

A teammate will have invited you to the workspace via their account and you should see an invite email in your inbox. All you need to do is click on the Join your team button:

Note: If you can't see an invite in your inbox, please check your 'Spam' folder in cases it delivered there.

Next, you'll need to either:

  1. Create a new account by providing your name, email (this will be automatically filled in) and password, or

Note: The workspace you're joining might enforce one type of login method (Google Sign-On or SAML SSO) so you might not be able to sign up using email and password.

If you receive an invitation to an email that is already associated with an Intercom account, when accepting and trying to sign up you will see an error: “Email has already been taken”:

That's because there is already an account with that email. You will need to log in to Intercom instead of sign up.

The next step is to log in to Intercom, and then accept the invitation with the same email that matches the invite.

You should see this window instead:

And, that's it 🎉

You're now ready to collaborate with your team using Intercom.


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