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Review actions taken in your workspace with Teammate activity logs
Review actions taken in your workspace with Teammate activity logs

See the actions you and your teammates take in Intercom like setting messages live, logging in and more.

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In many cases it’s useful to be able to identify exactly who made a change in your Intercom workspace. Teammate Activity Logs can help you understand when features or settings are enabled or disabled for your workspace. It can also tell you when important actions are taken. For example:

  • Messenger or workspace settings being changed.

  • Messages or campaigns being set live or paused.

  • People invited to your workspace.

  • Data being exported.

  • And more.

It’s easy to find the person responsible for these changes in teammate activity logs:

How to search logs

You’ll find teammate activity logs under Settings > General > Teammate activity logs:

You must have the Can access general and security settings permission to access the activity logs.

From here you can manually scroll through the most recent activity, or filter for specific actions or teammates:

Pro tip: If you have an idea of when an action happened, you can narrow the results to a certain date range.

You can also download the logs in CSV format:

Each result shows:

  • Activity — Includes the name of the teammate who completed the action.

  • Date and time the action was completed.

  • The IP address the action was completed from.

Which actions are logged?

  • Admin impersonation session end

  • Admin impersonation session start

  • All activity

  • App installation

  • App token regeneration

  • App uninstallation

  • Article content created

  • Article content deleted

  • Article content published

  • Article content unpublished

  • Article content updated

  • Article created

  • Article deleted

  • Billing contact changes

  • Bulk export

  • Campaign deletion

  • Campaign state change

  • Conversation part deletion

  • Conversation topic creation

  • Conversation topic change

  • Conversation topic deletion

  • Data export created

  • Data export run

  • Email signature change

  • Help center settings change

  • Inbound conversations change

  • Help Desk access change

  • Message deletion

  • Message state change

  • Messenger look and feel change

  • Messenger spaces change

  • Office hours change

  • Recovery code sent

  • Require an email for new conversation change

  • Role creation

  • Role deletion

  • Role permission change

  • Ruleset creation

  • Ruleset deletion

  • Ruleset live status change

  • Search for Articles Enabled / Disabled

  • Search for Articles Required Change

  • Seat change

  • Security settings change

  • Special notice change

  • Teammate away mode change

  • Teammate deletion

  • Teammate invite change

  • Teammate invite creation

  • Teammate invite deletion

  • Teammate login failure

  • Teammate login success

  • Teammate logout

  • Teammate permission change

  • Teammate provisioning

  • Teammate Two Factor Authentication change

  • Welcome message change

  • Workspace authentication method change

  • Workspace data deletion

  • Workspace data export

  • Workspace Google SSO domain change

  • Workspace identity verification change

  • Workspace name change

  • Workspace outbound address change

  • Workspace team creation

  • Workspace team deletion

  • Workspace team membership modification

  • Workspace teammate join

  • Workspace timezone change

  • Workspace webhook creation

  • Workspace webhook deletion

Teammate Activity Logs are available on all Intercom plans and are available for one year. They can also be accessed using our REST API.


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