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Using Custom Actions side-by-side with Zendesk
How to create authentication with Zendesk for Custom Actions
How to create authentication with Zendesk for Custom Actions
Learn how to generate an API token and encode it in the right format
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To work with Intercom and Zendesk side-by-side, you can use Custom Actions to enable this integration. To set up a Custom action, you need to set up authentication first. To create one, simply follow these two steps. You can learn more about authentications from Setting up Custom Actions authentication.

Step 1. Generate a Zendesk API token

You can generate a Zendesk API token from Zendesk admin center. Follow the process outlined here.

Tip: Once you have an API token, copy it and store it securely. You'll not have access to this token when you close the window in Zendesk admin center.

Step 2: Encode your email and API token

Once you have generated the API token, you need to combine it with your email in a Base-64 encoded string.

  1. Go to Base64 encoder.

  2. Add your <email_address>/token:<api_token> to the field and click on Encode.

  3. Copy the outputted Base64 encoding, you'll need it to create a new Custom action in Intercom.

Setting up authentication with Zendesk for Custom Actions in Intercom is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily enable powerful integrations between Intercom and Zendesk to streamline your customer support workflows and improve the customer experience.


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