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Check why a user did or did not receive a Proactive Support message.

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The Message Matching Tool will help you understand why a customer did or didn’t receive an Proactive Support message you sent - like a Chat, Post, Product Tour, etc.

Find this tool in the More menu on a Proactive Support message:

Use the search to find a customer from your workspace to investigate. The Message Matching Tool will then show you when we will try to match the user, their current matching status, historical records of matching, and data snapshots from previous matches.

When will we try to match the user?

This section is helpful for understanding the conditions required for a user to match and receive the content. As an example, for Chats (and other in-app messages), we will try to match a user when they are on your site.

Current matching status

The Current matching status section will show you if a user matches your audience rules, currently. If they don’t match, it will show you what is preventing them from matching.

Historical records of matching

The Historical records of matching section will display when a user matched for a message, how many times they have received it, and which company they received the content for (if applicable).

Data snapshots from previous matches

Data snapshots from previous matches show the value of the user data at the time the user matched for the message. This section will also give you a snapshot of the audience rules, page targeting rules, and event triggers used when the user matched.

If you wanted a user to receive the message, but they didn’t, the tool will show you why not, so you know what you need to tweak to ensure you’re pulling in the right audience.

Conversely, if a user received a message you didn’t want them to, the tool will indicate how and when they matched the message’s settings, so you can add additional rules to exclude users like this.


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