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Customizing Fin AI Agent in the Messenger
Customizing Fin AI Agent in the Messenger

How to customize Fin’s appearance in the Messenger to suit your brand.

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It’s easy to customize Fin AI Agent’s identity in the Messenger to suit your brand and give customers the experience you want them to have.

Fin AI Agent’s appearance

To customize Fin AI Agent’s appearance, go to Automation > Settings. Here, you can change Fin's name and also upload a new profile picture to give Fin a customized avatar.

Ensure Fin's color contrasts with the color of your Messenger to display nicely.

You’ll see a preview of how it’ll appear to your customers on the right.

Click Save changes to set Fin’s new identity live.


  • Fin AI Agent’s identity will appear for all messages sent by bots in the Messenger.

  • The name and identity that teammates see in conversation histories where Fin AI Agent has engaged with users will always be the current bot identity.

Customize Fin AI Agent reply buttons

By default, Fin AI Agent will show the options That helped 👍 and Talk to a person after presenting an answer.

However, you can change these options to show different reply buttons from Fin AI Agent > Settings under Customize Fin reply buttons.

Messenger settings for Fin AI Agent

From Messenger settings > Conversations > With Fin you can choose how Fin sets expectations when customers start a conversation in the Messenger.

Set AI Agent expectations

If you choose to Set AI Agent expectations you can select one of 6 options for the “Start conversation button text" or call-to-action (CTA) in the Messenger:

  • Send us a message

  • Ask a question

  • Chat with us

  • Start a conversation

  • Contact us

  • Contact support

Select a different CTA for Visitors and Users by toggling between these options at the top

This is a good way of emphasizing when a conversation will be handled by a bot as it shows Fin's avatar and CTA buttons on the Messenger Home, Help, and Messages space to make customers aware.

Notice that if you don't allow Fin AI Agent to hand over to a teammate, only Fin's avatar will be shown and any subtext i.e. "AI Agent and team can help" will be removed.

Match teammate expectations

If you select Match teammate expectations you won't be able to change the "Start conversation button text" or call-to-action (CTA) for conversations handled by Fin AI Agent.

This means no AI Agent expectations will show in the Messenger. All conversations started (either with Fin or teammates) will look identical and match the Messenger settings for teammates including intro titles, teammate avatars, special notice banner, reply times etc.

Even if a customer starts a conversation with Fin and there is no human handover available, the Messenger will show teammate expectations (avatars, intro titles, reply times etc.).


When will AI Agent expectations be used in the Messenger?

AI Agent expectation settings only apply to conversations that start with Fin i.e. where “Let Fin answer” is triggered as the first step in a Workflow as shown below:

For all other conversations and Workflows where Fin is triggered later in the conversation, teammate expectations (e.g. avatars, intro titles, reply times etc.) will be shown in the Messenger.

Are AI Agent expectation settings available on Mobile SDKs?

Yes, AI Agent expectation settings are available on Web, iOS (v16.5.0) and Android (v15.6.0).


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