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Workflows builder explainer videos
Workflows builder explainer videos

Learn how to use the Workflow builder from these 4 in depth videos.

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Workflows can be incredibly powerful when you know how to build them for your use case. Let's take a look at the workflows menu and triggers, how to configure triggers to work for you, adding and removing content as well as how to navigate around the canvas.

Workflows menu and triggers

This video will walk you through the main menu so you know which workflow to create, how triggers work so you can be confident in how and when your workflow begins and we'll introduce the canvas where you build workflows.

Configuring your trigger

One of the most important parts of the Workflows builder is your trigger settings. This is where you can decide where your Workflow will appear (on web, mobile, social etc), who it should appear to (users, leads, visitors as well as identifying individual customers and segments), when it should start and stop sending as well as setting any goals you have for this Workflow.

Adding and deleting content in Workflows

In this video, we'll walk you through how manage your content and paths in Workflows. Create new paths, add content to them, and delete anything you no longer need.

Navigation and other Workflow settings

This video will walk you through some important Workflow settings as well as navigating around the canvas, duplicating your workflow and previewing it before setting it live.


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