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Add videos to Workflows
Add videos to Workflows

Add a video to your Workflow’s welcome message to create a more personal experience.

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You can give website visitors a personal and engaging welcome by adding video to your Workflow message.

The option to add a video is available when you use the triggers When a customer visits your site, When a customer clicks on a website element, and when using Reusable bots. The video can only be inserted in the first step of the Workflow.

When building your Workflow, add a new Message and then click the video icon to upload a video:

Once you’ve added your video, continue to follow the normal steps to building your Workflow.

When you set it live, visitors who match your audience rules will be greeted with your video.

Note: Video bots are muted by default. Visitors can easily unmute them by clicking the speaker icon.

What videos are supported?

Here are the requirements to bear in mind when creating video bots:

  • A maximum file size of 40mb

  • A maximum length of one minute

  • .mp4 format only. 

Videos will display in a 4:3 aspect ratio, so you should create your video to suit these dimensions.

Best practices for creating video bots

Here are some best practices and ideas to try out when creating video bots:

  • Keep your video short and sweet, so you can engage visitors quickly.

  • Putting a face to your business will increase visitor engagement. You should record yourself or a teammate giving your visitors a personal welcome.

  • You can also engage visitors with animated videos. For example, if you’re about to launch a new product, you could show visitors a short teaser video to entice visitors to learn more. 


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