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A/B testing Workflows and using Control groups
A/B testing Workflows and using Control groups

How to see which Workflows are performing well and optimize them.

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A/B testing and Control groups are only available if using Customer visits a page Workflow trigger.

A/B testing

It's simple to A/B test different content or Workflow paths so you can see which is most effective at engaging with users and visitors on your site.

First, open the Workflow and click Run a new test, then select A/B test:

You'll then see two versions of your Workflow, "Test A" and "Test B". Switch between them to make any changes to the Workflow paths, content or follow up actions you'd like to test. 👌

Pro tip: It's a good idea to test one change at a time, so you can accurately identify the cause of any difference in results.

Control groups

To test the effectiveness of a Workflow overall, you can use a Control group instead:

A Control group will send your Workflow to one half of the audience only, so you can gauge the difference that impact it has on encouraging visitors to hit your Workflow goal.


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