When to use Customer tickets

Deep-dive on specific characteristics for Customer tickets.

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When your team needs more time to work on issues, use Customer tickets to capture, track and automatically share progress with the customer.

We make this easy with:

  • Convert conversations to tickets - Convert a conversation to a ticket with just one click in the Inbox.

  • Ticket forms - Collect comprehensive information upfront by automatically sending ticket forms through a bot, conversation, or directly in your product.

  • Customer status updates - Keep customers up to date with automated status updates through the Messenger and via email.

What are the main characteristics of Customer tickets?

For Intercom customers who have been using tickets prior to March 2023, Customer tickets share the same features and capabilities as converted tickets.

Visibility to customer

Customer tickets are always shared with the customer.

This ensures the customer is able to track progress in real-time so they can feel confident that their issue is being worked on.

Customers can see the ticket pill at the top of the conversation thread in the Messenger. Clicking on that pill surfaces the ticket details including the ticket type title, ticket ID, and any attributes you’ve set up as visible to customers.

If you have the ticket space enabled, the Customer ticket will also show up there. Additionally, recent tickets appear in the Messenger Home.

Your customers will automatically receive updates via email when the ticket is submitted, its state changes, or when your team sends a reply to the ticket.


Customer tickets allow replies and internal notes

Your team can easily respond to the customer from within the ticket in the Inbox.

Additionally, they can post internal notes that are visible to your team only and not sent to the customer.

Customers can reply to the ticket from the Messenger.

Customers can also reply to email notifications directly without having to go to the Messenger.


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