When to use Tracker tickets

Deep-dive on specific characteristics for Tracker tickets.

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Streamline problems impacting many customers, such as bugs, service interruptions, and feature requests.

We make this easy with:

  • Single source-of-truth - Link all related conversations or Customer tickets to a Tracker ticket to create one single source-of-truth for your team to manage.

  • Collaboration - Easily work with other internal teams to ensure that updates are shared in one place.

  • Broadcast customer updates - Send mass updates to all impacted customers to save time and keep customers up to date in the Messenger and via email.

What are the main characteristics of Tracker tickets?

Visibility to customer

Tracker tickets are internal only and cannot be shared with customers

Linking a Customer ticket or conversation to a Tracker ticket doesn’t notify the customer and doesn’t impact what they see in the Messenger.


Tracker tickets only allow internal notes

Notes posted on a Tracker ticket are internal only and not shared with customers. Any customer facing replies happen in the linked Customer ticket or conversation.

Updates are cross-posted from the Tracker ticket to the linked Customer tickets and conversations

When posting a note in the Tracker ticket, you can also choose to post the update to the linked Customer tickets and conversations.

Use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ / Ctrl Shift Enter to cross-post a note.

This guarantees the teammate assigned to the conversation is kept in the loop and has the full context they need.

Similarly, changing the Tracker ticket state cross-posts an event in the linked Customer tickets and conversations.

In a Tracker ticket, you can get a centralized view of all linked Customer tickets and conversations where you can broadcast a reply to customers.


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