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How to create a Back-office ticket
How to create a Back-office ticket

Deep-dive on ways you can create a Back-office ticket, sharing options, and any limitations.

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There are several ways to create Back-office tickets:

Before you can create tickets via the Help Desk, you’ll need to first set up your ticket types. A ticket type defines the data fields to be captured in the ticket and its category.

Create a Back-office ticket from a Customer ticket or conversation via the Help Desk

It's possible to create multiple Back-office tickets that are all linked to the same conversation or Customer ticket if there are several queries or issues that need to be tracked or managed separately.


  • You can only share one Back-office ticket with the customer per conversation.

  • You can’t share Back-office tickets that are linked to a Customer ticket.

First, open the right hand sidebar in a conversation and navigate to Links. Then click on the plus icon next to Back-office tickets.

Next, select the relevant ticket types. Only the ticket type with the Back-office ticket category will appear in this list.

Then, fill in the ticket attributes.

Switch to the Details tab if you need to copy any conversation, user, or company details into the ticket form.

Once you’ve created the Back-office ticket, the front-office teammate will have 2 linked objects: the original Customer ticket/conversation and the newly created Back-office ticket.

In the original Customer ticket or conversation where you created the Back-office ticket, you’ll see the newly created ticket appear in the right sidebar. Hover over the ticket to see more details, or click to preview the Back-office ticket.

The back-office team that is assigned to the Back-office ticket will see the ticket title, ID, description, and custom attributes clearly surfaced in the middle panel alongside internal notes. They can also access the linked Customer ticket or conversation from the right sidebar.

Set up an automation in Workflows to automatically assign the Back-office ticket to the appropriate team upon creation.

Create a standalone Back-office ticket

You can also create a standalone Back-office ticket on behalf of a customer via the Help Desk if the issue did not originate as part of a Customer ticket or conversation.

First, click on the compose button in the top left and then select Ticket.

Select the appropriate ticket type. Note that all ticket types appear in this list: Customer, Back-office, and Tracker ticket types.

Finally, insert all the details on behalf of the customer.

Create a Back-office ticket via APIs

Last but not least, you can programmatically create Back-office tickets in Intercom by connecting our APIs to your app, website, and systems.

📖 To learn more about our Tickets API, visit the Developers Hub.


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