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How to create a Tracker ticket
How to create a Tracker ticket

Deep-dive on ways you can create a Tracker ticket, sharing options, and any limitations.

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There are a few ways to create Tracker tickets:

Before you can create tickets from the Help Desk, you’ll need to first set up your ticket types. A ticket type defines the data fields to be captured in the ticket and its category.

From a Customer ticket or conversation

First, open the right sidebar on a conversation and navigate to Links. Then click on the plus icon next to Tracker ticket.

You will see all existing Tracker tickets sorted by when they were last updated. “Last updated” in this case is defined by the last time a conversation or Customer ticket has been linked to a Tracker ticket. You can search for a specific Tracker ticket, and review its primary information like the title, description, and the number of linked customer reports.

If a Tracker ticket doesn’t exist, you can click on the + New Tracker button in the top right corner to create a new one.

Once the Customer ticket or conversation is linked to a Tracker ticket, it shows up in the right sidebar below Links.

The team responsible for the Tracker ticket sees the ticket title, ID, description, and custom attributes clearly surfaced in the middle panel alongside internal notes.

They can also access the linked Customer ticket or conversation from the right hand sidebar.

Bulk actions can also be applied from the Tracker ticket to all or some of the linked conversations. This includes sending replies to customers, changing the assignee and closing or snoozing the conversation.

If you discover that a Customer ticket or conversation has been linked to a Tracker ticket by mistake, you can unlink the Tracker ticket from the preview in the conversation right sidebar.

  • Customer tickets and conversations can be linked to maximum one Tracker ticket.

  • At the moment, you can only link conversations and customer tickets to a Tracker Ticket. It's not possible to link a user to a Tracker Ticket.

Bulk linking to a Tracker ticket

You can also bulk select conversations/tickets to be linked to a Tracker ticket. To do this, first navigate to where you would like to bulk select conversations or tickets from. This can be from an inbox, inbox view, or search.

Click on the first column from the left to select the conversations/tickets you would like to link to a Tracker ticket, then access bulk actions by clicking the ellipsis button at the top.

Select Link to Tracker ticket and identify the Tracker ticket you’d like to link the conversations/tickets to.

Create a standalone Tracker ticket via the Help Desk

You can also create a standalone Tracker ticket via the Help desk if the issue did not originate as part of a Customer ticket or conversation.

First, click on the compose button in the top left and select Ticket

Select the appropriate ticket type. Note that all ticket types appear in this list: Customer, Back-office, and Tracker ticket types.

Last, insert all the details.


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