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How to manage Customer tickets
How to manage Customer tickets

Understand how to identify all the features of Customer tickets

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Identifying a Customer ticket in your inbox

To make it easier for your team to differentiate between Customer tickets, Back-office tickets, Tracker tickets, and conversations, you’ll see visual differentiations in your inbox.

For Customer tickets you see:

  • Customer ticket icon

  • User and company

  • Ticket ID and title

  • Last reply, note, or update

Customer ticket default attributes

  1. Ticket title

    • Click to edit value

  2. Customer-facing ticket ID

  3. User

  4. User company

  5. Sharing behavior

  6. Ticket description

    • Click to edit value. You can use different format options: sorted lists, unsorted lists, bold, italic, code block, quote, and hyperlinks.

Customer ticket custom attributes

Each ticket has a type which informs the custom attributes you want captured as part of the ticket. When looking at a Customer ticket, you’ll find those attributes in the right sidebar.

Changing the state of a Customer ticket

As your team progresses the ticket, they can change its state to:

  • In progress

  • Waiting on customer

  • Resolved

To change the ticket state, you can click on the button in the top right. Then pick the relevant state.

Communicating in a Customer ticket

Customer tickets support both internal notes and customer facing replies. You can send a reply directly to the customer through the composer.

You can switch to internal notes mode by pressing N on the keyboard or through the action in the top left of the composer. Press R to go back to the replies mode.

Link a Back-office ticket from a Customer ticket

When you need to create a Back-office ticket to collaborate with another team to resolve the customer’s issue, click on the ➕ icon next to Back-office tickets from the right sidebar.

You can also press ⌘ K / Ctrl K , then search for Create a Back-office ticket.

Link Customer ticket to Tracker ticket

When a Customer ticket is about an issue impacting many customers, you can link it to a Tracker ticket. Click on the ➕ icon next to Tracker ticket from the right sidebar.


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