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Call recordings and transcripts
Call recordings and transcripts

How to enable recordings and transcripts for Messenger and phone calls.

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With Intercom Phone, you can easily enable call recordings and transcripts with a greeting to inform customers that calls will be recorded.

Get started

Go to Settings > Phone and open Recording and transcript. Then toggle “Enable recordings and transcripts for all calls”.

This is a global setting for all Messenger and phone calls. It’s not possible to only enable recordings or transcripts for some calls.

Then enter your Recording Greeting. This text will automatically be converted to speech during the call and used to alert the customer that they'll be recorded when they answer an outbound phone call or Messenger call.

For inbound phone calls, you’ll need to add the recording alert as a Workflow message.

Click Update to save your changes.

Data retention

You can choose to delete call recordings and transcripts after a specified amount of days. Go to Settings > Phone and select the checkbox under Recording and transcript then enter the number of days.

Click Update to save your changes.

View recordings and transcripts

If you’ve enabled recordings and transcripts for all calls, when a call ends these will be processed and made available in the Call Details panel. To access the panel, click the calling card within the conversation thread (outlined in yellow).

The Call Details panel will show details about the call like direction and participants, play the recording (including video and screen sharing if used during the call), and show a line-by-line transcription for the call on the Transcript tab.

Recordings and transcripts can be manually downloaded or deleted by clicking on the three dots within the Call Details panel.

You can also specify data retention for recordings and transcripts from Settings > Phone, which automatically sets them for deletion after a number of days.


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