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Intercom Phone explained
Intercom Phone explained

Solve customer problems faster with phone calls, video calls, and screen-sharing.

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Providing fast and personalized phone support couldn’t be simpler with Intercom. Your inbound and outbound calls appear right in your inbox alongside your other conversations, so you can handle them all in one integrated view, there’s no need to swap between tools just to speak one on one.

And you keep the same context as you do over chat or email, so you know everything you need to know before you take or make a call.

You can even use your existing phone number.

International outbound calling

Make international outbound phone calls or Messenger calls directly from the Help Desk.

Powerful call routing

Receive inbound phone calls (locally and from abroad) and use Workflows to get every call to the right place with easy-to-create IVR trees that increase your team’s efficiency.

  • Automatically assign calls to the right team.

  • Ask customers to schedule calls for later.

  • Send to voicemail when outside office hours.

  • Configure office hours for individual teams/timezones.

  • Ask customers to switch to chat so they aren’t waiting on hold.

  • Collect customer feedback with call ratings.

See our Phone pricing for inbound and outbound calls from your region.

Voice, video and screen sharing

When chatting with customers in the Messenger, switch from chat to voice to video call, as needed, and even let customers share their screen to troubleshoot complex problems easily.

Screen sharing is not an available option from the teammates end.

Recordings and transcripts

Following up by chat or email is straightforward, using recordings and transcripts (of calls or voicemails) for reference.

Real-time call handling

Handle availability for inbound calls with ease, and monitor your team’s performance with the real-time dashboard.

Clear reporting insights

Get detailed insights on all your call metrics with the prebuilt Calls report, or create your own custom report using specific call metrics and attributes.

Get started

If you joined Intercom:

  • Before November 15, 2023 - Intercom Phone is currently not available on your plan. You can register your interest via the banner on the Phone settings page.

  • Since November 15, 2023 - Learn how to set up Intercom Phone on your workspace now.

Intercom Phone is currently not available for EU or AU hosted workspaces.


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