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Automation FAQs
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Triggering Workflows

Why is my Workflow not firing?

A Workflow may not trigger as expected due to configuration issues, such as channel compatibility, audience rules, scheduling, or conflicts with your Messenger settings. See how to troubleshoot these issues.

How can I see for which conversations my Workflow fired?

You can check when a Workflow fired in conversation from:

  • Sent tab in Workflows: Check the Sent tab within each Workflow. It will display a list of conversations where the Workflow has fired.

  • Conversation Events in the Inbox: Within the Inbox, you can see the lineage of events that have occurred in a conversation by clicking Show conversation events. This will show you the conversation events, and you can find out which Workflow has been fired within a conversation.

  • Simulating a Conversation: If you want to test out your Workflow, you can either use the Workflows Preview feature, or you can target the Workflow to be set live with an audience of only yourself or your teammates. To do this, simply select the Email attribute, and enter your own email address — or “contains” your company’s email domain (

Can I use reusable Workflows in conversations to collect customer data?

Yes, you can create reusable workflows that collect customer data, such as email, phone, name, as well as custom attributes you track in Intercom.

Building Workflows

How can I create and prioritize "if" conditions in Workflows?

To create and prioritize "if" conditions in Workflows, you can add more conditional branches. Priority goes by top to bottom when using branches.

Can I use any tag as the audience rule to trigger the workflow?

At the moment, you can select only People or Company tag when setting up the audience filter for the workflow. Conversation tag can't be used for this purpose.


What should I do if my Workflow doesn't work for certain conversations?

If your Workflow doesn't work for certain conversations, make sure your workflow audience settings are set to trigger for the correct participant types (Leads, Visitors, and Users). Update the audience setting accordingly to resolve the issue.

After my live workflow has triggered, why are the next steps not appearing or slow to appear on the end-users side within Messenger conversations?

This can occur due to the Content Security Policy (CSP) on your site is blocking certain connections with Intercom that are needed for Messenger to function as expected and may need to be reviewed and updated. More details on using Intercom with CSP can be found in this article.


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