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How to archive a user or lead
How to archive a user or lead
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Archiving acts as a soft delete. Users that have been archived are not visible in the UI, and all of their conversations will be removed. However, if the person returns (by logging in or being manually added), all data will be restored, including all associated conversations.

Archived users are not permanently deleted and are not considered tracked users.

Before archiving users we recommend exporting their information as a backup restore option.

To archive a user or lead, go to Contacts and select the user/lead from the list. Then click the More dropdown and select Archive users.

It's not possible to export users after they have been archived.

Restoring archived users or leads

It's not possible to restore an archived user/lead from within the Intercom UI, however there are a few other ways to restore users and leads:

  1. If the user/lead returns to your site or logs into your app again they will be automatically unarchived.

  2. Adding the user/lead manually with a CSV import. Once restored, the user or lead's Intercom profile will be restored with all data and conversations details.


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