Assign an owner to your leads and users

Let teammates chat to their leads faster by assigning them as owners.

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If you want to ensure the right teammates chat to the right leads quickly, you should assign your teammates as owners. 

Assigning teammates as owners will let you: 

  • Assign leads and users to the right sales teammate, faster.

  • Get notified when the leads and users you own start a new conversation.

  • Easily send messages to leads and users you own.

  • Quickly see all the leads and users you own in one place by filtering by their owner. 

  • Automatically sync your Salesforce lead owners with your owners in Intercom.

  • Restrict which teammates can set a lead or user’s owner.

There are three ways to assign an owner:

  1. Manually, by assigning an owner in the lead or user’s profile in Intercom.

  2. Automatically, by syncing with the lead owners in your Salesforce account.

  3. Via API, by automatically assigning owners to your leads and users via our API.

1. Manually assign an owner to a lead or user  

You can easily assign a lead or user an owner as you chat. Just head to the 'Details' section on the right-hand side of your lead/users' profile. Then, select the ‘No owner’ button. Now, you can choose a teammate from the dropdown menu:

You can also add an owner from a lead/users' profile: 

2. Automatically sync your Salesforce lead owners 

If you use our Salesforce app, you can automatically sync your Salesforce lead owners with your owners in Intercom. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, teammates with the same email address in Intercom and Salesforce will map to each automatically.

  2. Then, Intercom will find the lead or user in Salesforce, so it can assign them a lead owner. If the lead doesn’t have an ‘account owner’ in Salesforce, Intercom will find the ‘contact owner’. If they don’t have a ‘contact owner’, Intercom will find the ‘lead owner’. If there’s no match, it’ll fallback to no owner.

  3. If you change a lead’s owner in Salesforce, it will automatically update in Intercom.

Important: If you use our Salesforce app to assign owners, you won’t be able to manually change the owners in Intercom. If you manually assign an owner to a lead that has none, and Salesforce subsequently finds an owner, it will overwrite your manual choice.  If you hover over the lead owner in Intercom, you can see if a lead owner was assigned automatically by Salesforce: 

You can control how your teammates map to Salesforce by visiting your Salesforce app settings.

Note: The Salesforce app is only available with certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here

3. Assign owners via the API

You can also automatically assign owners to your leads and users via our API. Just pass an admin ID to the users endpoint as owner_id.

Tip: You can find a teammates admin_id in the URL on their admin page in Intercom:

Important: Assigning owners via the API is only available on our latest pricing model, it require the Expert plan.

Automatically assign qualified leads to an owner

Using Workflows

You can reply faster to your leads by assigning their new conversations to the right owner automatically. 

Set up a Workflow and use the 'Assign' action to automatically assign conversations to their owners based on rules.

Using Automation Basics

You can also ensure newly qualified leads speak to the right teammates faster, by automatically assigning them to their owner with Automation Basics.

Choose to take other follow up actions, such as assigning leads with an owner to a team inbox and more. Learn more about automatically qualifying leads.

Target your owned leads with messages

It’s easy to target the leads you own with messages. When setting up a message, just filter your audience by ‘Owner’:

Now, your message will only send to the leads in your name.

You should automatically introduce yourself to every new lead you own, by setting up an Proactive support email. Just set yourself as the owner in your audience rules and choose a dynamic audience so that every new lead you own, that has an email address, will receive your email. If you’d prefer to send a once-off message, just send it as a fixed audience.

Get notified when your lead starts a conversation

To ensure you never miss an important conversation, you should set up notifications for the leads you own. 

Go to your Your account > Notification preferences. Then, turn on notifications for ‘New conversations with leads and users you own:

Now you’ll receive a notification any time a lead or user you own starts a new conversation, so you can quickly follow up with them.

See all leads you own in one place

Filtering and segmenting your leads and users by their lead owner will let you easily see all the leads you own in one place. Just filter by ‘owner’ to see a specific teammate’s leads:

You can create a segment based on this filter so you can easily access your list of leads in future. Or you can easily export your leads if you need to share them elsewhere.

Restrict who can set the owner

If you’d only like specific teammates to be able to add or change an owner, you can restrict their permissions.

In your teammate settings, click on a teammate and select ‘Restricted permissions’. Then, tick ‘Reassigning conversations and editing lead or user ownership:

Now, if that teammate needs to change the owner, they can ask an admin on your account for permission they need to update lead's owner.



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