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Knowledge Hub FAQs

Common questions around accessing and using the Knowledge Hub.

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Is the Knowledge Hub available on my plan?

Yes, the Knowledge Hub is available on all plans and can be accessed from the main menu on the left under Knowledge.

Who can view content in the Knowledge Hub?

Any teammate on your workspace will be able to view content within the Knowledge Hub. This includes teammates with full seats and lite seats. However, only teammates with full seats will be able to manage content in the Knowledge Hub if the Knowledge Hub permission is enabled.

Managing knowledge

Can I restrict who creates and manages content in the Knowledge Hub?

By default, all teammates will have Knowledge Hub permissions but you can disable this for teammates who don't require it/shouldn't have access to create, import, sync, or update content in the Knowledge Hub. If this permission is disabled, they will have 'view only' permission.

Permissions for public articles are currently managed separately through Help Center Articles. Any Help Center Articles permissions you have will apply to public articles in the Knowledge Hub.

Can I bulk delete content in the Knowledge Hub?

External sources you have synced with the Knowledge Hub can be removed and this will delete all of their content. However, you can’t select content in the Knowledge Hub and delete it as a bulk action. You need to open the individual content items and then delete them.

When are updates to content re-synced with Intercom and made available to Fin?

  • Updates to content created natively in intercom are available to Fin AI Agent and Fin AI Copilot immediately.

  • Internal articles from Confluence, Guru, or Notion are synced every 24 hours. To re-sync immediately, you’ll need to do this manually.

  • Public articles from Zendesk are synced every hour.

  • Webpages (public URLs) are synced weekly, even if there's an update to the external content in the meantime. To re-sync immediately, you’ll need to do this manually.

  • Changes made to PDF files aren’t synced, you'll need to remove and re-add the PDF if you make changes.


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