Access an Intercom workspace with a seat (full seats and lite seats).

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This article refers to our new pricing plans. If you joined Intercom before November 15, 2023, this information may not apply to you. For information about one of our legacy plans, please log in to view these articles instead, or contact us through the Messenger.

Access to an Intercom workspace requires a seat, and every teammate must have only one seat assigned to them. There are two types of seats:

Full seats

A full seat provides full access to all Intercom capabilities contained within your chosen core plan. Each teammate/employee requires a seat to access your Intercom workspace.

There is a monthly cost for each seat based on the core plan:

  • Essential - $39/full seat

  • Advanced - $99/full seat

  • Expert - $139/full seat


  • Prices are shown in United States Dollars (USD).

  • Every plan comes with 1 minimum seat and no maximum seats.

  • All seats in your workspace must be from the same core plan. For example, a workspace can’t have 3 seats from the Essential plan and 4 seats from the Advanced plan.

  • You won’t be charged for full seats during a trial.

  • Seat prices may be discounted if you pay yearly for your subscription.

Inviting teammates

Invite people to join your workspace by assigning them a seat. Only when the employee/user accepts the invite, do we count that seat as used (which will be billed if it’s a full seat), otherwise the invitation remains as "pending".

Roles and permissions let you limit teammates’ access to features if needed.

How seats are billed

Seats are billed ahead for the next billing period. Seat usage will be prorated which means you’re charged for the number of seats you actually had assigned to a teammate on each day of the billing period.

Learn more about seat usage charges:

Lite seats

Lite seats provide limited access and permissions for a workspace to support cross-functional collaboration in and outside your organization (e.g. finance and billing teams, legal counsels, engineers and designers, etc.).

There are a limited number of lite seats included on the following plans:

  • Advanced - 20 lite seats

  • Expert - 50 lite seats

(The Essential plan doesn’t offer any lite seats).

Lite seats are not charged per seat, they’re simply included on the Advanced and Expert plans. The number of lite seats available to you will be communicated in your workspace and on your Order Form.

Lite seat access

Teammates with lite seats will see a simplified Help Desk with some notable differences from teammates who have a full seat.

Lite seats can

Lite seats can't


View their @mentions

View or access right sidebar (attributes, apps, etc.)

Access Help or give feedback link on left panel

Conversations and tickets

View all conversations (through links) & tickets (where permissions allow) not just ones where they have been mentioned

Create a new conversation/ticket

See who else is looking at the conversation at the moment (top bar label)

Be assigned a conversation (i.e. no personal Inbox, no teams, no reporting on time spent)

See conversation events (turned Off by default, when turned On only show only relevant ones)

Reply to conversations

View conversation current status

Start outbound conversations

Snooze a conversation

Close a conversation

Manage (add/delete) conversation participants

Convert conversation to ticket

Share a ticket (while creating it or while editing)

Edit ticket/conversation attributes

Change ticket status

Add/edit conversation subject

Create a linked ticket

Access contact profile through hover on conversation message profile picture


Composer actions (via cursor or CMD+K):

  • Compose note

  • Insert emoji

  • Upload attachment

  • Insert gif

  • Upload image

  • Switch to dark theme

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Composer actions (via cursor or CMD+K):

  • Any CMD+K workflows

  • Compose reply

  • Close

  • Snooze

  • Assign to

  • New conversation

  • Manage tags

  • Use Macro

  • Create new macro

  • Jump to add details


Add notes to all conversations & tickets (where permissions allow)

@mention any other teammate in a note


Add a tag to a message in a conversation

Create/edit/remove tags from a conversation message

Lite seat permissions

In addition to limited Help Desk access, lite seats have the following platform access and permissions:


Can access general and security settings

Can manage teammates and permissions

Can access Messenger settings

Can access billing settings

Can access Proactive Support settings

Can edit Default sender address

Data and security

Can manage workspace data

Apps and integrations

Can access developer hub

Can install, configure and delete apps


Can manage saved views for articles


Can access Reports

> Can share Reports

> Can export CSV

> Custom reports (view)

> Custom reports (create/edit)

> Custom reports (delete)

Roles and permissions let you further limit teammates’ access to features if needed.

How seats are managed

You can see how many full or lite seats are used on your workspace by navigating to Settings > Teammates and viewing the Seat column.

If you change your seat count mid-period, the estimated seat cost on the Subscription page and the actual invoice won’t match:

  • Your invoice will show accurate billing based on the actual usage days of each seat to ensure you’re only charged for the duration a seat is used.

  • However, the Subscription page will display seat costs based on the most recent seat count, not accounting for any prorated charges.

To manage seats, go to Settings > Teammates and hover over a teammate’s name to click the Edit button.

This allows you to select their seat type and manage their permissions and roles within your workspace.

Removing a teammate

  • If you remove a teammate with a lite seat, this will free up a lite seat included on an Advanced or Expert plan.

  • Unless you have a contracted minimum, if you remove a teammate with a full seat, this change will be prorated on your next bill and you’ll only be charged for the period that this full seat was in use.


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