Introducing our second book

Engaging your customers in a meaningful way is the key to any customer-centric strategy. Intercom is at the forefront of meaningful customer communications, making this book a must-read.

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From the authors of intercom on product management — read by 14,000+ people at companies including:

What’s inside

Chapter 1

The Right People

Segment your customers

Chapter 2

The Right Message

Craft an effective message

Chapter 3

The Right Way and Time

Optimize conversion

This book provides actionable frameworks to help you drastically improve customer engagement, separating it from the generic advice out there.

Image of Brian Balfour
Brian Balfour
VP Growth, Hubspot

This new short book will teach you how to think of customers as people who make up thriving communities rather than audiences that require programmed communications.

Image of Dharmesh Shah
Brian Solis
Author, Keynote speaker, and Digital Analyst

We spend a lot of timing figuring out what to say, and not nearly enough figuring out how to say it. (And where. And why. And to whom.) This handy guide makes sure we don't miss any of that.

Image of Ann Handley
Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

User adoption and retention are the cornerstones of any software business, and customer engagement is the way you make them happen. This book will absolutely make you more skillful at getting and keeping users aboard.

Image of Samuel Hulick
Samuel Hulick
User Onboarding Champion

About the authors

Des Traynor

Des Traynor is a co-founder of Intercom. He has written extensively on product management and strategy and is a regular speaker on the topic at conferences like Business of Software, Launch and Mind the Product.

John Collins

John Collins is the managing editor of Inside Intercom, Intercom's blog. He is a former journalist and editor with over 20 years experience covering technology and business issues, most recently for The Irish Times.

Ruairí Galavan

Ruairí is Manager of Product Education at Intercom, helping customers get the most out of our products. Prior to that, he worked as a UX designer and researcher for over 6 years.