Behind every great product is a great support team

Behind every great product is a great support team

I wish I'd had this book on my first day in customer support! It's packed with advice that will make sure your customers get the best experience possible.

Chase Clemons
Basecamp Customer Support
Available in ePub, mobi, and PDF
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From the authors of Intercom on Product Management & Intercom on Customer Engagement
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What's inside

Chapter 1
Building and growing your team
Chapter 2
Supporting your customers
Chapter 3
Working with the rest of the business
This book will help you invest in strategies and systems that turn customer support into customer retention.
Brian Solis
Author, Keynote Speaker, And Digital Analyst
Intercom sets the gold standard for engaging customers, and now with a guidebook on building your support team up and out.
Sarah Hatter
Founder & CEO, CoSupport

About the authors

Des Traynor


Des Traynor is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom. His role covers many areas including product strategy, content marketing, customer support, and customer education.

John Collins


John Collins is Intercom's Managing Editor, with responsibility for our blog, podcast, and books. A journalist and editor he has over 20 years experience covering technology and business.

Jeff Gardner


Jeff Gardner is the Director of Customer Support at Intercom. He’s gone from being the sole front-line support person to leading a rapidly growing global team. When he isn’t obsessing over Intercom’s customers, he’s in the mountains.

Sabrina Gordon


Sabrina Gordon is our Senior Support Engineer and manages the support team in San Francisco. Intercom’s first US support hire, engineer, comedian, frequent speaker, and podcaster on all matters support.

Nate Munger


Joining Intercom as its first Customer Advocate in September 2013 Nate Munger is currently head of the Customer Education team. In a previous life, he spent 11 years delighting high school sophomores as a World History teacher.