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5 reasons to love chatbots

We surveyed 1,000 businesses and consumers on chatbots. Read our findings, then get started with Intercom for your business.

Chatbots save about $300,000 a year

This average comes from how quickly bots respond, headcount savings, and overall efficiency gains.


67% of business leaders say bots increase sales

And when looking at tech leaders specifically, 54% mention bots made their businesses more productive.


Chatbots improve CSAT scores by 24%

In addition to customer support satisfaction, 50% of support leaders also say bots improve team productivity.


Response times speed up 3x with chatbots

In fact, the top reason business leaders give for how chatbots save them money is faster response times.


74% of consumers expect to chat with bots

People now assume websites will have chatbots — they also like that bots are available 24/7.

Bots are the advantage

Early chatbot adopters are already seeing huge ROI. Ready to join them?

Early chatbot adopters are already seeing a huge return on investment.