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Customer Story

How Envoy accelerates lead volume through Intercom

With CathyLee McNeill, Account Development Representative Manager

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  • 33%

    Leads generated by Intercom

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    Monthly sales conversations


Envoy’s visitor management solution is changing how visitors are greeted in workplaces around the world. Founded in 2013, the company helps businesses eliminate paper sign-in books and replace them with Envoy’s iPad-based guest sign-in experience.


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If you’ve recently checked in at the reception desk of any business, odds are good you saw Envoy’s visitor management solution in action. Their iPad-based software is replacing clunky sign-in books at companies like Dannon, L’Oréal and Spotify. Envoy is changing the visitor experience for businesses, while also tightening security and adhering to compliance. Envoy uses Intercom to quickly qualify leads and deliver them to sales reps for nurturing.

As a 100% inbound sales organization, fast and accurate lead qualification is essential for Envoy’s Account Development Representatives (ADRs). “We have a lot of organic traffic coming to our website,” explains CathyLee McNeill, Account Development Representative Manager. "We're a volume-play organization. We want to qualify quickly so we can pass along more opportunities every day."

However, the speed of lead qualification was hampered by manual processes. Leads came in via contact forms, and sales teams responded via email – a workflow that didn’t allow ADRs to capture much data about leads or to engage them in conversations.

Envoy expanded its ADR team from two to four people, which required more effective tools for engaging prospects. Initially, the company chose a live chat solution for its website, but it wasn’t connected to other systems that help sales and support teams understand lead traffic and address customer concerns. Without a single place to track chats and create marketing campaigns, Envoy couldn’t gain visibility into the inbound lead funnel.

Armed with intelligence about leads

“We wanted a tool that could give us more intelligence about the leads coming to us, which would help us qualify them more quickly,” CathyLee says.

Envoy switched to Intercom to acquire leads faster. Now when their ADRs begin a live chat, they access data about the lead from Clearbit Enrichment – title, company details like employee count, industry and more – based on the prospect’s email address. Armed with this intelligence as soon as any chat starts, ADRs can segment leads based on Envoy’s qualification criteria.

For example, businesses with fewer than 50 employees fall into the self-service category. Those leads can be pushed to support, or are nurtured in marketing campaigns. ADRs can forward leads from larger companies to Envoy’s SMB or mid-market sales teams, depending on company size. Clearbit can also pull titles of prospects – another way to assure leads are high-quality. Leads with titles like “Director of Security” or “Facilities Manager” are in Envoy’s sweet spot.

“Right off the bat, ADRs can tell they’re talking to the right contact, even as they’re starting a conversation,” CathyLee says. ADRs can use Intercom Messages to introduce sales opportunities to the AEs, add notes to summarize conversations and link opportunities to Salesforce.

Envoy’s growing ADR team keeps up the pace with Intercom

“Intercom dramatically increased our volume of leads – and we saw another jump when we added auto messages,” CathyLee says. Leads generated by Intercom now make up 33% of Envoy’s leads. Their ADRs conduct about 1,200 monthly sales conversations through Intercom Messages.

As Envoy prepares to double the size of its ADR team, Intercom will help the company step up the pace for lead qualification. In addition to qualifying prospective customers over chat, Envoy also uses Intercom Messages. With 60 percent of its new leads coming from free trials, the company nurtures those leads through campaigns and offers the option to talk to a sales contact.

“One of the most valuable features of Intercom is that it gives your teams more at-bats,” CathyLee says. “And the more conversations you can start, the more opportunities your team has to qualify those leads.”

“One of the most valuable features of Intercom is that it gives your teams more at-bats. And the more conversations you can start, the more opportunities your team has to qualify those leads.”
CathyLee McNeill

Account Development Representative Manager