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Customer Story

October used Intercom to reduce its median first-response time by 46%

With Camille David, Head of Customer Success at October

*Results shown are based on comparative data sets from December 2019 and December 2021

At a glance
  • 66%

    increase in users, but only 12% increase in conversations

  • 46%

    decrease in median response time 

  • 30%

    increase in conversations through French


October is an online marketplace for business loans, enabling investors to lend money directly to SMBs.


Paris, France


Financial Services

Key features used



Custom Bots


European fintech company October is on a mission to finance businesses better. Due to the rapid expansion of the company, October's team needed a tool to manage a growing number of customer conversations in multiple languages. They wanted to be able to manage their support volume with increased efficiency, as well as focus on improving the customer experience – all without having to increase headcount.


October began using Intercom in 2015 to power their support. Now, the team is using Intercom across support and marketing messaging, enabling them to consolidate customer communications into a single platform.

By leveraging Intercom’s visual campaign builder, Series, they can easily create messaging flows and customize them to provide personalized experiences for their customers. The team uses Macros to create a bank of content for agents to share with customers, saving the team valuable time. Utilizing Custom Bots for proactive support, the team has been able to dedicate their time to more complex questions and scale their support without increasing headcount.

The Intercom Messenger is more than just a chat, it allows us to interact with people visiting our website based on the pages they are on. If someone is browsing in French, we send them a message related to the pages they are viewing in the right language.
Camille David

Head of Customer Success at October