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Tickets that continue the conversation

Resolve complex issues more efficiently with tickets designed to streamline collaboration and keep the conversation going—no switching tools, no lost context, no missed updates.

A better system for team collaboration and real-time customer updates

  • Customer tickets

    Move from conversation to ticket to solve complex issues and keep customers up to date.

  • Back-office tickets

    Ensure all teams have the context they need to collaborate more efficiently.

  • Tracker tickets

    Share updates and resolve issues impacting many users with a single ticket.

Customer tickets

Move seamlessly between conversations and tickets

  • Create a ticket with one click

    Convert a conversation to a ticket so you can resolve the issue without losing context.

  • Easily collect customer info upfront

    Send ticket forms through a bot or directly in your product to reduce back-and-forth.

  • Update customers in real time

    Automatically share updates with your customers in the messenger and over email.

  • Track progress with ticket states

    Update ticket states as you work for more accurate reporting and updates.

Back-Office Tickets

Streamline back-office collaboration

  • A separate ticket when it’s needed

    Assign back-office teams a separate ticket that allows for internal, private notes.

  • Always connected for context

    Conversations, notes, and customer data are always accessible so front- and back-office teams never lose context.

Tracker Tickets

Track multiple customers with one ticket

  • A single source-of-truth

    Manage all conversations related to a widespread issue with a single ticket.

  • Easier customer updates

    Save time by sharing updates to all impacted customers at once.

  • Centralized collaboration

    Get all teams working from the same ticket, so they solve issues faster and no one misses an update.


Plus everything else you need to resolve complex issues faster

  • Side conversations
    Start a conversation with external partners from within the context of the customer conversation.
  • Tickets portal
    Give customers a central portal to view, track, and take action on all their team’s tickets.
  • Custom states
    Coming soon
    Create unique ticket states for tracking that aligns with your team processes and reporting.
  • Workflows

    Automate actions like assigning ticket types to specific teams with our visual, no-code builder.

  • Lite seats

    Let back-office teams access Intercom as a collaborator and help resolve tickets more quickly.

  • Customer notifications

    Give customers real-time updates over email and chat as their tickets progress.

  • Integrations

    Connect to Slack, Jira, our APIs, and more for better team and customer experiences.

  • Reporting

    Track and optimize your team’s impact with ticket metrics and dashboards.

  • SLAs

    Set ticket SLAs to more effectively track your team’s response and resolution times.

“Since moving our support ticketing from Zendesk to Intercom, we’re not only saving both money and agent time by consolidating to one support platform, but we’re also delivering a faster and more personalized experience to our customers.”

Erik Wantland, Director of Support at Copper