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Statuspage app: Notify customers about issues
Statuspage app: Notify customers about issues

Show your product’s real-time status in the Messenger, view it in Inbox and share it in conversations.

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With the Statuspage app, you can reduce your conversation volume by showing your product’s health status in your Messenger home. 

You can also quickly share it in conversations to give your customers a live status update:

Note: You need a Statuspage account to use the Statuspage app.

Adding the Statuspage app to Messenger home

First, go to the app store and click the Statuspage app:

Next, click ‘Install’, and add your Statuspage ID to complete the setup: 

Once you’ve connected your Statuspage account, go to your Messenger settings:

Then, choose 'Customize home with apps':

Then, choose to set it up for visitors or users: 

Note: You can show the Statuspage app to both users and visitors.

Next, click ‘Add an app’ and add the Statuspage app:

Once added, the Statuspage app will automatically show your most recent status update for users and/or visitors in the Messenger: 

If your customers click the app, they’ll see your latest update, your performance over the past 30 days, and any past incidents you reported. They can also subscribe by email, text, Atom, Twitter, Atom or RSS feed, for Statuspage updates directly in the Messenger:

Setting the Content Security Policy

If your website sends the Content Security Policy (CSP) header, you need to add to the frame-src directive of your header. Otherwise the StatusPage app might fail to load inside messenger.

See your product’s real-time status at a glance.

To add the Statuspage app to your inbox, click ‘Edit apps’ on the bottom right of your right hand sidebar:

Then, add the 'Statuspage' app by pinning it to the sidebar:

Now you’ll see your product’s real-time status as you chat to customers: 

Note: If you need more details on the current status of your product, just click on the status to open your Statuspage.

Share your product’s status in customer conversations 

You can also quickly share the app in conversations. Just hit ⌘K on a Mac or Ctrl K on a Windows and start typing in 'Statuspage':

This adds the app in the composer, where you can send it to your customers:

Pro tip: When you share your status with your customers, encourage them to subscribe to your Statuspage so they can receive real-time notifications as your Product’s status changes, without having to get in touch.

What’s next?

Here are three more powerful apps to add to your Messenger home:


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