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Push, email, chat and post notifications for customers
Push, email, chat and post notifications for customers

How Intercom delivers push, email, chat and post notifications to customers and teammates.

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If you want to know more about modifying your personal teammate notification settings, check out this article.

To learn how Intercom notifies your users and teammates, read on 👇

  • For users, we delay sending mobile push notifications for 10 seconds. We delay sending emails for 3 minutes (if you have this enabled). If a user reads the message in the Messenger before those time periods, neither are sent.

Push notifications

  • We wait 10 seconds before sending a push notification to the user. If the user has seen the message within 10 seconds, no push notification is sent.

  • Note that delivery speed for push notifications is variable.

  • It's currently not possible to send a push message with the Intercom mobile app.

Browser and audio notifications

  • These are always sent immediately.

  • Audio notifications trigger for all teammate messages, even if you're viewing the conversation.

  • Browser tab alerts appear in all tabs. You have to close each tab individually to make them go away.

Email notifications For Conversations

By default, when Intercom sends email notifications to your users or leads, it includes a summary of the conversation so far, and the recipient can reply directly to continue the conversation. These notifications will send when a teammate's message hasn't been seen by a user in the Messenger after 3 minutes.

We group email notifications so multiple replies are consolidated to one email, which is sent once there has been no new reply in the last 3 minutes.

Email notifications will only send for conversations that have had a reply from a teammate. If you send an outbound Chat to a user, it will not also send via email. The user or teammate must first reply to turn it into a conversation.

You can enable or disable email notifications from Settings > Email > Email notifications:

Email notifications sent to users will use a plain email template with an avatar & the name of the teammate. It is not possible to edit the template.

Your logo, set it in the Messenger settings, will be displayed as a signature in such email notifications

Contentless email notification

If you wish to keep your conversation content private, you can do so with contentless notifications. This allows you to keep conversations in the Messenger and does not allow the customer to reply to the email notification. Check out how to set this up here.

Conversation history controls

You can decide whether conversation history is shown in emails that you send through Intercom. Removing conversation history means that only the message itself is shown to participants, and no previous conversation history is carried over when you send an email. Check out how to enable/disable this here.

Email notifications For Tickets

  • You can choose to enable email notifications if a ticket status update hasn't been seen by a user after 3 minutes.

  • A new ticket submission triggers an email notification immediately (the 3 minute delay does not apply).

  • These can be enabled or disabled separately from conversation email notifications in Settings > Email > Email notifications:

Ticket status email notifications will only send for tickets you have shared with the user (i.e. Back-office tickets will not send email notifications for status updates).

Read more about Ticket notifications here.


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