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Send apps in messages

Share apps in your messages and let users take actions directly in the messenger.

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You can send apps in messages to specific groups of customers to prompt them to take important actions. For example, you can: 

  • Ask your new customers to submit feedback on your product.

  • Prompt visitors who are interested in your blog posts to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Or encourage high value leads to book meetings with your sales team. 

How to send apps in chat or post messages 

First, create a new message

Go to Proactive Support, and click New message.

Next, select Chat or Post as your channel:

Note: You can’t add apps to emails or mobile push messages.

Next, add a Messenger app to your message: 

When you’re creating your message content, just click on the plus icon to insert an app:

Then, select Insert app.

Now, you can easily add one of your installed Intercom apps to the message:

Ideas for sending apps in messages

There are many powerful ways you can send Messenger apps to select groups of customers. Here are just a few ideas to get you started: 

Send targeted surveys with Typeform 

If you’d like to survey specific groups of customers and get qualitative feedback from them, you can send them the Typeform app

For example, you could:

  • Message customers who attended a recent webinar and ask for feedback on that. Then, you can use this feedback to improve your future webinars. 

  • Ask your long-term, loyal customers for feedback on a specific feature. 

  • Or, you could message your new users to check how they’re finding your product. This you can use these powerful insights to improve your product. 

Send targeted micro surveys with Wootric

If you’d like to gather qualitative metrics on your customers’ experience, you can send the InMoment Surveys app in a message. You can ask your customers to rate your product via a Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) or Customer Effort Score (CES). 

For example, you could message your onboarding customers and ask them to rate your product. Then, armed with this data you can quickly respond to detractors and turn happy customers into brand advocates. 

Grow your newsletter subscriptions

It’s easy to proactively invite specific users or visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. For example, you could trigger the MailChimp or Campaign Monitor email capture app to send when a visitor is on a specific blog post for over 30 seconds. 

Book meetings with high value leads 

You can send high value customers the ‘Get a Demo', Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar apps to invite them to book a demo with your sales team. For example, you can use Clearbit data to target your message to visitors who work in companies with over 500 employees. 


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