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Personally guide customers with video pointers in tours
Personally guide customers with video pointers in tours

Add video pointers to your Product Tour to personally engage your customers.

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Adding video pointers to your Product Tour allows you to create a more personal experience for your customers. You can upload a short video of yourself to engage customers, while directing their attention to a specific website element.

When adding a step to your tour, choose a video pointer:

Then, choose the website element you’d like it to point to:

Next, upload a video to your pointer:


  • Only videos in .MP4 format are supported.

  • Your video can be no larger than 40MB. The optimal size is under 10MB. Videos larger than this will take longer to load, which may create a delay in your tour.

  • Your video will display in a 4:3 aspect ratio. You should create your videos using these dimensions.

By default, your video’s sound will be muted when customers take your tour. They can easily unmute the video by clicking it.

To ensure your video is accessible to all, you should add captions. Just click the video to add captions, then add your video script:


  • You should add every sentence as a new line. These sentences will then show evenly across the length of the video.

  • Video pointers often benefit from being made larger, to change the size of the pointer, click “Advanced”, and set the pointer size as “Large”:

Check out the preview to see the video with its new dimensions:

Best practices for creating video pointers

Videos are great for getting your customers’ attention, and guiding in a more personal way. They also add an extra dimension to your tour. So, when it comes to what content you put in them, use your imagination!

Plan your video pointers in advance

Before you create your video pointer, think about how it will appear in your product. If you can safely say they’ll always appear in a certain position, you could include words ‘above’, ‘below’ in your video content, and physically point in certain directions in your video.

Pro tip: Test your pointer’s position on different screen sizes to see if stays in the same place. If a website element is less visible under another screen size, the pointer will shift to always show in the most visible side of the website element.

If you’re creating a series of video pointers, here are a few things to keep in mind

  • Dress the same in each video - Maintaining a consistent visual experience will ensure customers aren’t distracted, and that their focus remains on adopting your product.

  • Use the same background - again, visual consistency makes for a more seamless tour experience.

  • Plan special effects - a series of videos gives you an opportunity to show progress with special effects. For example, to celebrate your customer’s progress, you could throw confetti in the final message of your tour, while doing the same in your app itself.

Keep your videos short and snappy

Keep your videos short and concise - no longer than 5 seconds, ideally. Your message serves as a guide, so just give the most important details in a sentence or two to help your customers along their journey.

Use videos when they’re beneficial

Be mindful of the types of pointers you create, and how you arrange them in your tour. Ask yourself - does it work better as a text pointer message or video pointer? Choose video pointers if it’s clearer explain your point through speech. Or, if you need to encourage users to try a feature, you might find you can better convince them using video.

Always include captions

Captions are important, as not everyone may be able to listen. Also, video pointers are muted by default, so captions are a great way to capture your customers’ initial interest. Customers can then unmute the video by clicking it.

What’s next?

Once you’ve designed your tour, the next step is to choose how you want to share it:


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