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Boost your sales by creating and tracking Pipedrive deals while you chat.
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With the Pipedrive app, you can generate more sales for your business by creating deals while you chat. You can:

  • Create a deal in Intercom with a single click.

  • View a lead’s Pipedrive status in Intercom.

  • Automatically sync Intercom conversations to a person’s profile in Pipedrive.

Here’s how to set it up:

Install the Pipedrive app

Go to the app store, and click the Pipedrive app:

Then, click ‘Install now’:

You’ll be asked to connect your Pipedrive account to Intercom. Once connected, you’ll be able to create Pipedrive deals directly in Intercom.

Create Pipedrive deals with a single click

It’s easy to create Pipedrive deals while you chat. You'll just need to add the "External profiles" add on to the Inbox.

Then click ‘Create Deal’ in your lead or user’s profile:

Note: Intercom only syncs the lead's name and email address with Pipedrive.

A user does not need to have a Deal in Pipedrive in order for their conversations to be synced. In order for conversations to be synced, the Intercom user must exist as a contact in Pipedrive with a matching email address in their contact profile. In addition, past conversations will not sync to Pipedrive- only conversations that happened after the integration connection took place.

Note: Only the Conversation from which the Deal is created will sync to the Deal. Future conversations with People connected to the Deal will not be listed on the Deal.

Your deal will automatically be created in the first stage of your pipeline in Pipedrive:

Note: Deals created in Intercom will always appear in the first stage of your default pipeline in Pipedrive. It’s not currently possibly to configure the stage in which a new deal appears. 

View Pipedrive deals in Intercom

You’ll also be to see your Pipedrive deal information directly from the inbox. Just hover over your lead’s Pipedrive profile to see more details:

Sync Intercom conversations to Pipedrive

Once a deal is created, all conversations and replies from that point on will be synced to Pipedrive. You can easily check Intercom conversations in the activity feed of the Deal or Person: 

Here's how Intercom conversations sync with Pipedrive:

  • Conversations will be appear in your Pipedrive Deal or Person’s activity feed, and will be marked as ‘Done’. 

  • The conversation transcript will be updated in Pipedrive when a person replies, and when the conversation is closed.

  • The assignee of the activity in Pipedrive will be the person who installed the Pipedrive app. 

  • Conversations will be synced to the Person profile in Pipedrive only, with one exception: if you create a Pipedrive deal from the Inbox product in Intercom, conversations will also be synced to the Deal in Pipedrive.

What’s next?

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