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Sync unsubscribed users with the MailChimp App
Sync unsubscribed users with the MailChimp App
Automatically sync unsubscribed users with the MailChimp Sync app.
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When a user unsubscribes from an email sent through MailChimp, you can make sure that Intercom keeps their unsubscribe status in sync. Likewise, when a user unsubscribes from an Intercom email, their unsubscribe status will sync with MailChimp too. Below, we’ll show you how to sync your unsubscribes across both channels so you won’t risk sending emails to people who don’t want them.


  • When you enable the MailChimp Sync app we'll attempt to sync existing unsubscribed users and users who unsubscribe in the future. 

  • We will not create a record in MailChimp with a user's unsubscribe request if they don't already exist there.

How to sync unsubscribed users with Mailchimp

  1. Go to the app store, and search for the Mailchimp Sync app:

2. Click 'Install now':

3. Then click 'Sync your subscribers':

4. Choose the Mailchimp list you would like to sync:

5. Click on the link provided and you will be brought to your list’s webhook settings in MailChimp.

6. Click ‘Create new webhook’ in MailChimp.

7. Copy the Callback URL provided in your Intercom set-up instructions and paste it into the Callback URL box in MailChimp. (NOTE: Your Callback URL is specific to your app so you will need to copy it from your own set-up instructions).

8. Click ‘Save and go back to Intercom. You will see that your list’s unsubscribe status is now synced with Intercom.

Note: If you refresh the page, you will now see that the Mailchimp Sync app is correctly integrated. This requires a page refresh for you to see that the sync should now be active.

What's next?

To capture new subscribers in the Messenger, and in conversations, install the Mailchimp Subscribe app.


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