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See important activity with the Overview report
See important activity with the Overview report
See your top performing bots and messages, your team’s performance, where new people and conversations come from, and more.
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Your Overview report shows you:

  • People. This shows all your new users and leads and the ways they’ve interacted with your team in the Messenger, via email and on your Help Center.

  • Conversations. You can see new inbound messages & replies to your outbound messages, bots, and articles.

  • Performance. This lets you monitor how quickly your team respond, and how satisfied your customers are.

  • Self-service Support. You’ll find the questions that Resolution Bot resolves most often, and the top articles your customers view.

You’ll find it under the Reports tab in the left menu:

Then you can select a date range to view with the dropdown in the right hand corner: 

You can also hide the left menu for a full screen view with the ☰ icon:

What’s in the report?

The first thing you’ll see is your people overview

The bar chart shows the number of new people created in Intercom each day, split by whether they are currently a user or a lead. (i.e., if a person was added as a Lead on May 2, and converted to a User on May 4 they’ll be counted in the bar for May 2 as a User.)

The table on the right shows people who were created in Intercom by interacting with you, by: 

  • Starting a new conversation in the Messenger or sending an email.

  • Replying to a message or bot.

  • Reacting to a Help Center article.

It also shows those who were created with “No interaction”. This includes users and Leads created in Intercom by:

  • Logging into your app as a User.

  • Being imported with a CSV, or from another app.

  • Being created via the REST API.

Note: If a person interacts with you after they were created in Intercom as a Lead or User, this interaction won’t be displayed, but you will see it in the conversations report below.

For a more detailed view of your new Users and Leads, you can filter and segment your people list.

Next, it’s your conversations overview

This bar chart shows the number of new conversations each day, and the total difference from the previous period. On the right you can see a breakdown of new inbound conversations, and conversations initiated with outbound messages or bots. 

The next section of the report shows more detail on the top pages where new conversations are being started: 

See your new conversations by tag, or by time of day under Reports > Customer support > Conversations. Read more about your Conversations reports here.

Then there’s the performance overview

See how quickly your team respond to and resolve your customers’ issues with the median first response time (FRT) and median time to close (TTC). 

It’s easy to monitor the percentage of conversations rated with 😄 or 🤩and ensure your customers are satisfied. And you’ll easily see how your team is doing compared to the previous period.

For a deeper dive in to your team’s performance, including a breakdown by teammate see Reports > Customer Reports > Team performance.

Lastly, you’ll see the overview of your self-service support

See the top 5 answers sent in Resolution Bot conversations, and the difference from the previous period. 

You’ll also see the top 5 viewed articles helping customers to answer questions on their own. Click on the article titles to see your customers’ reactions and any conversations they’re starting.

For more details about how Resolution Bot and Articles are saving you and your customers time, check out Resolution Bot report and the Articles report.

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