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Why can’t I build a Product Tour?

If the tour builder doesn’t load when you launch it, here’s a few tips that should help.

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When designing your Product Tour, you first need to choose a website where you’d like to build it:

Sometimes, when you open your website, the tour builder (this blue bar 👇 ) doesn’t appear.

If you can’t see the tour builder, there are three things you should check:

Check if the Messenger is installed on your site

To design a Product Tour, the Messenger must be installed on the site you want to build it on. If it's not installed, the tour builder won't load. For example, if you want to build a tour in your product, but you only have the Messenger installed for logged-out visitors, the tour builder won't appear inside your product.

If you don't have the Messenger installed, read these guides to get started:

Have you installed Intercom in an iframe?

Product Tours will not work on a page where the Intercom Messenger has been installed in an iframe.

Iframes act like a "sandbox", so the Messenger can't access information from the page containing the iframe. We recommend installing the Intercom Messenger on your site directly, without an iframe.

This is not always possible (on Shopify Apps or Figma Plugins, for example), in these cases product tours are not supported.

Is your site changing window.opener?

The tour builder uses the window.opener property to communicate with the Intercom app. If this is being overwritten by your site’s Javascript (or a library you are using) then the tour builder will not work.

Check your Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy header
If your Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy header has a value of same-origin then it prevents setting window.opener and the tour builder will not load.

Ensure you’re in the right Intercom workspace

If you have multiple Intercom workspaces (e.g. for different websites), make sure the one where you’re designing the tour is the one installed on the page where you’re building it.

To check this, look at the workspace ID in the URL of the Product Tours page in Intercom:

Then, open your browser’s console on the page where you’re building your tour and paste in the following command window.intercomSettings.app_id:

If these IDs don’t match, you’ll need to navigate to the correct workspace in Intercom, and start building the tour there.

Note: This method only works with the standard JavaScript install.

Are you accessing your page with an IP address?

For the Product Tour builder to load, you must open your website with a fully qualified domain like, not an IP address like

Are you building your tour in a modal or dialog box?

In some modal windows and dialog boxes (pop ups), “Focus trapping” makes it impossible to type content in the tour’s messages.

When you try to type here:

Focus jumps to another element instead. (Note, this may not be visible):

This only affects the tour building experience, not the way it is displayed for your customers. If you temporarily disable “focus trapping” to build your tour, you can re-enable it once the tour is built, and it should send to customers without an issue.

Note: You may need to check with an engineer or developer on your team to confirm if you use focus trapping, and to have it disabled temporarily.

Still having trouble?

If you have the correct workspace installed on your site, and the tour builder still isn’t loading, chat to us in the Messenger and we’ll be happy to help.


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