Product Tours allows you to create a better first-time product experience for your customers, so you can drive faster adoption. You can build a series of in-app messages to guide customers around your product, so they can discover its value faster.

Designing a tour is fast and easy, and doesn’t require any code. Here’s how to get started:

Design a Product Tour

First, go to Outbound > Product Tours and click “New product tour”:

Then choose to build your tour from scratch or use a template. For this example, we’ll start from scratch:

Next, give your tour a short and snappy title and description. For example, if you’re designing a tour to onboard new users, you could call it ‘Get started’:

Important: Customers will see your tour’s title and description when you share a tour in conversations, bots or messages.

You can send your tour from any teammate, or hide the sender entirely:

Pro tip: If you use account-based marketing you can also send your tour to key accounts from their owner.

You can also define a custom colour for the buttons in your tour:

Note: If you disable custom colours, the tour will match your Messenger colour settings. 👌

Choose a site to build your tour on

To start designing your tour, click ‘Add steps’:

A new window will open. Here, add the website you’d like to build your tour on:

Note: This URL is just for building your tour - it’s not the target URL where you’ll show your tour to customers. You can choose page and audience targeting rules in a later step.

Once you’ve added a URL, click ‘Open website’ to start building your tour.

Choose the specific page to build your tour’s messages on

At the bottom of your site, you’ll see a blue banner - this is the tour builder.

Navigate to the specific page in your product where you’d like to start building your tour. Then, click ‘Begin tour here’:

Now, start creating your messages.

Create your tour’s messages

There are three types of messages to choose from - a post, a pointer or a video pointer.

Here’s how each of them work:

Introduce a new feature with a post

Posts are perfect for capturing your customers’ attention at the start of a tour.

A post shows in the middle of the page - it doesn’t point to a specific element. You can help introduce your product by inserting an image or embedding a video. You also personalize your message with attributes, like greeting customers using their first name.

Show customers around with pointers

Pointers are perfect for showing customers how to use your product. You can guide them by pointing to a specific website element, such as a button. Just click the element you’d like to point to, then add content to your pointer:

Note: If the element you'd like to choose is behind the tour builder bar, just click 'Hide' on the left to hide the tour builder:

As well as text, you can insert an image, add emojis, embed video and add attributes to make your pointers more engaging. Once your pointer displays, it will automatically dim the background to highlight the message.

Tip: If you create pointers on different parts of your page, the page will automatically scroll to each message.

By default, customers click ‘Next’ on your tour to advance each message. If you’d like them to type in a field, or click on the website element to proceed to the next step, select how the tour should advance:

Note: If you’ve selected an element that contains multiple text fields, like ‘title’ and ‘description’ for example, your customers will need to type in all of them to proceed.

Read this article to learn more about creating Product tours across multiple pages.

Alternatively, you can define custom button text for a more engaging tour:

Personally guide customers with video pointers

Video pointers allow you to personally engage and guide customers, by using short, captioned videos of yourself or a teammate to show them around.

You can learn more about creating video pointers here.

Choose the right size and position for your pointers

Pointers, and video pointers come in two sizes. (The video pointer above ☝️is large.) The default pointer size is small. To switch between sizes, click “Advanced” then select the right size from the dropdown:

Here you can also define an optimal pointer position. Choose from auto left, right, above or below:

Note: If your customer’s window size won’t allow the optimal position you’ve chosen, the pointer will revert to “Auto” and shift to a more suitable position.

Create a sequence of messages

To give your customers a comprehensive tour, you should create a sequence of messages. You can use any combination of posts, pointers and video pointers to build the best tour for your customers.

If you need to re-order your steps, just hover over the step you’d like to move, and drag it with this icon:

Once you’ve finished creating your tour, you can easily preview it:

Here, you’ll see how your tour will appear to customers:

Celebrate tour completion 🎉

To finish your tour with a bang, you can send a shower of confetti on the final step.

Just click 'Settings' then switch this toggle to 'On':

This is what your customers will see when they complete your tour:

Let customers snooze or restart your tour

From this settings tab, you can choose whether customers should be able to snooze your tour:

Snoozing the tour will delay it for 24 hours, then the customer will receive it again, as long as they’re on the correct page where it’s triggered. A tour can be snoozed multiple times, and allows customers to take your tour at the right time for them. Perfect for non-urgent messages. 👌

The “Restart” option adds a button on each step of your tour (after the first) which will take your customers back to the beginning so they can take the tour again:


  • We don’t recommend using this option in tours where your users type to progress to the next step, as their input won’t be persisted when restarting a tour.

  • Tours that are snoozed, or restarted then viewed again, will not be recorded as an additional view in tour stats.

Once you’re happy with your tour steps and settings click ‘Save and close’:

What’s next?

Once you're happy with your tour, choose how you’d like to show it to customers:

Share your tour in messages, conversations, bots, emails and more.

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