When you access a user attachment in the inbox, you may see an error saying: 'The attachment you are trying to access is unavailable as it is an unsupported file type.

If a certain file type is not allowed by your workspace, you'll see the following error:

PDFs, images, videos and text files are supported by default. If you cannot access a file sent to you by a user or a lead, you can allow that file type in Settings > Security > Attachment settings. Allowed file types should be accessible straight away.  

Certain file types, such as executable files are unsupported as they pose a higher risk for malware and malicious content. These files cannot be allowed by any workspace:

  • .ade

  • .adp

  • .apk

  • .appx

  • .appxbundle

  • .bat

  • .cab

  • .chm

  • .cmd

  • .com

  • .cpl

  • .dll

  • .dmg

  • .ex

  • .ex_

  • .exe

  • .hta

  • .ins

  • .isp

  • .iso

  • .jar

  • .js

  • .jse

  • .lib

  • .lnk

  • .mde

  • .msc

  • .msi

  • .msix

  • .msixbundle

  • .msp

  • .mst

  • .nsh

  • .pif

  • .ps1

  • .scr

  • .sct

  • .shb

  • .sys

  • .vb

  • .vbe

  • .vbs

  • .vxd

  • .wsc

  • .wsf

  • .wsh

Note: Additional file types may be added to this list over time.

Additionally, we do not support password protected archive files as they cannot be scanned by anti-virus scanners.

If you have a workflow to send unsupported or executable filetypes to your customers, we recommend hosting those as secure downloads on your website or using a file hosting service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

If you have trouble accessing files after allowing them or you have feedback about this tool, please get in touch with our support team in the Messenger.

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