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See how many leads your team generates, their median response time and more.

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With the leads report, it’s easy to see how your team is generating more leads through live chat. You can see how many leads your team create, how fast they reply, which messages convert the most visitors to leads and how many leads your team send to Salesforce.

Below, we’ll show you how to use your leads report to help you capture and convert higher quality leads.

To access the leads report, go All reports and search for Leads.

It’s easy to filter this report by any date range, up to a year.

Track your lead generation

It’s easy to see how many leads your team generate through the Intercom Messenger over time:

‘New leads from Intercom Messenger’ includes leads generated from new inbound conversations and replies to your ongoing messages.

Capture more, higher quality leads

  • Focus your team’s efforts on converting leads during the days that generate the most leads for your business. For example, if your team typically generate more leads Tuesday to Thursday, make sure they’re available to respond to your lead’s messages on those days. Then, if there’s usually a drop-off on other days, like Monday and Friday, your team can focus on other outreach activities, like calling prospects.

  • You can help your team manage more leads by using bots to qualify your leads for you.

Respond to your leads quickly

If you want to convert more visitors into leads, it's critical you respond to them quickly before they leave your site. You can ensure you’re not missing out on promising leads by checking how quickly your team responds:

Pro tip: Here at Intercom, we aim to reply to leads within three minutes, and recommend you do too. This response time will ensure they don’t drop off your site before you get a chance to chat to them and convert them. To help you reply promptly, create a macro, and customize it for every lead you send it to.

How is my team’s median response time calculated?

Median response time is calculated by taking the middle value in all of your response times. The middle value is what separates the higher half from the lower half of your total response times. For example, if you have 5 response times of 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 minutes, your median response time is 4 minutes (the middle value). We recommend calculating your team’s response metrics within office hours only.

Generate more leads from live chat

It’s easy to see which message types, such as inbound conversations or ongoing messages to visitors, convert the most leads over time. Then, you can review your best performers and apply what’s working to the rest of your messages.

If you don’t have Messages, you will only see ‘inbound’ leads in this graph.

Tweak your messages to capture and engage high quality leads 

Creating highly targeted, relevant messages is key to generating more leads for your business. Here are our four best pieces of advice on how can optimize your messages to win more leads: 

  • Make sure messages to your visitors are short and relevant to the page they appear on. Include a GIF or emoji to make them more engaging.

  • Tweak your less effective messages by changing the content or message timing to improve their performance. We strongly recommend A/B testing your message when you've got competing theories as to what might work best. 

  • Automatically qualify your leads using Operator, so you can generate high quality leads across all of your messages

  • If you’re low on new leads, maybe your leads are leaving your site before they see your message. It’s important to reach out, and offer help in a timely manner. For example, try decreasing the ‘time on page’ rule that triggers your visitor auto messages. 

Send qualified leads to Salesforce 

If you integrate Salesforce with Intercom, you can see how many leads your team are sending to Salesforce:

This includes leads Operator automatically sent to Salesforce and leads your teammates manually sent to Salesforce.

Send more, high quality leads to Salesforce

You should streamline your sales workflow when you integrate Salesforce and Intercom. Here are some ways to improve how you manage your leads:

  • If you only send your qualified leads to Salesforce, you’ll be able to see what percentage of your leads your team qualify, by comparing this graph with the ‘New leads from the Intercom Messenger’ graph.

  • If you think a lead is a good fit for your business but they’ve yet to reply, add them to Salesforce. Then snooze the conversation in Intercom until a specific date to remind yourself to follow up with them. 

  • If your team are sending a low number of your leads to Salesforce, this may indicate that you need to improve the quality of your leads by tweaking your qualification criteria

  • You should regularly review your messages to ensure they’re effectively targeting visitors and converting them into leads.


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