Office hours and reply times help you set expectations for your customers when they start a conversation in the Messenger, but you may have different teams online at different times, so the expectations will be different. That’s where team office hours can help. 

When a customer opens the Messenger, your inbox rules are checked, to see which team is most likely to handle any new conversation. The expected reply time for that team is then displayed to the customer.

When the customer actually starts a conversation with you, Intercom runs the assignment rules to see which team their conversation will be assigned to, and based on the office hours you’ve set for that team, we confirm exactly when they should expect a response. Read on and find out how to set up office hours for your teams.

Note: Team office hours are only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Create new office hours for each of your teams

Go to the Teams & Roles menu in Settings:

Then, select a team, scroll down to “Choose office hours” and use the dropdown to select “+ New office hours”:

Now, enter a name for this set of office hours, the timezone, and when they’ll be in effect:

Tip: Sets of hours can be associated with more than one team, so after you create one set of hours, you can then associate it with all teams who are working during those hours. Just choose an existing set of office hours from the dropdown. 👍

Set expected reply times for each team

You can also define the reply time for each team to ensure you set accurate expectations for your customers, no matter which team will be answering their conversation:

Tip: SLAs (service level agreements) can also be set on a per-team basis. Read more about SLAs in this article.

Manage unexpected delays

If your team experience a high volume period due to an outage, a big promotion or an external event, this can lead to longer wait times for your customers.

Let them know with a special notice in your Messenger. 👌

Edit and delete team office hours

To edit a set of hours, go to “Office hours” settings page, and click the pencil icon:

You can update the name, the scheduled hours, and the timezone. Or, click delete to remove a set of hours:

Note: If you have any teams that use these hours, they'll be updated to your default office hours:

Using team office hours with Custom Bots and Messages

Currently, it’s not possible to use team office hours to trigger Custom Bots or auto messages. In the meantime, you can schedule bots and messages to trigger during a custom time period.

Note: Team office hours cannot be set in [TEST] workspaces, as team settings are inherited from your live workspace.

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