Celebrate customer progress

Send messages that celebrate what your customers do — from small tasks to big milestones.

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Major milestones, like the anniversary of signing up, are useful times to send messages which nurture the relationship and further engage customers. 

What to say 

The milestone message should make your customers feel good about themselves. It’s a time to celebrate your customers’ achievements and the progress they’ve made with your product.

Say thanks - Show genuine appreciation and thank your customers for their loyalty. 

Personalize your message - These messages should make good use of variables so they are personalized for each customer. 

For example, if you’ve created a custom attribute that tracks how many projects your customers have created, you can add it as a variable. Then when a customer get that message it will pull in and display how many projects they’ve created. 

Give a gift - This is the perfect occasion to give engaged customers a gift, like a discount or voucher. Here’s an idea: why not give them a free month of your product and surprise them by crediting their account? Like this: 

When to celebrate your customer's progress

Note an anniversary - For example, one year after signing up you might send a user a mail congratulating them on the number of photos they uploaded, amount of images they edited and  the number of people who liked and shared their photos. Put those actual numbers – 372, 40, 196 – whatever they are, in the message.

Celebrate success - Of course, milestone messages can be behavior based too, e.g. you could send a message congratulating customers on achieving power user status after they create 1,000 tasks in your time tracking app. 

Write your next message 

Next, learn how to anticipate (and answer) your customers’ questions before they even ask them. 

If you're just getting started with messages, you might be interested in the series of message templates we put together over on our blog. They'll to help you get your messaging strategy off the ground. Check out the guide now


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