Add, remove/delete, or export a teammate

How to invite teammates or remove them from your workspace individually or in bulk.

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Add a teammate

To invite new teammates to join your workspace, hover over your avatar at the bottom left-hand side of the screen and select Settings

Then choose Teammates from the left menu. 

Click the Add new teammates button.

To add one or a few teammates, just enter the email address of the teammate or teammates you'd like to invite (separated by commas) and click Continue and set permissions.

When inviting new teammates, make sure the email address you've entered is correct and exactly matches their email without typos.

Adding teammates in bulk

There are two ways to add teammates in bulk:

  • You can paste in a list of email addresses to the field shown above. ☝️ 

  • Or, select Import teammates from the Add new teammates dropdown instead.

Then drag and drop, or select a CSV file from your computer.

Note: Your CSV should contain one column with their email addresses.

Invites can only be redeemed by the exact email address to which they were sent. You may see this screen if a teammate tries to redeem an invite with a different email address.

After entering or importing this group of teammates, set their Permissions and roles.

How to remove teammates

To help you comply with the GDPR legislation, we’ve updated our deletion process for teammates.

Before, you could delete a teammate and reassign messages and conversations, but the teammate data could be restored if needed and there are references to the original teammate in old conversations. 

We’re keeping this feature but calling it Remove. Removed teammates are not permanently deleted, but will not be visible in your workspace.

Go to Settings > Teammates and click Edit on the teammate you'd like to remove, then click Remove teammate.

It's not possible to restore a removed teammate, however, you can invite them back to your workspace using the same email address. Messages and conversations that were reassigned when the teammate was removed will not be assigned back to the teammate when they rejoin your workspace.

How does deleting a teammate affect reporting metrics?

Key points when a teammate is deleted:

  • The conversations remain in reports.

  • Metrics for deleted teammates are removed from the Team performance report.

  • The current assignee is updated on all of their assigned conversations.

  • The newly assigned teammate will have their metrics change when using Teammate assigned as a filter. This also applies to View by, or Segment by in Custom reports.

  • Teammate assigned is in effect the Teammate currently assigned.

Reports where metrics don't change:

Reports where metrics do change:

To permanently delete teammates' data check out this article on deleting teammates and their data.

Export teammates in a CSV

You can export the full list of teammates to a CSV file, or a filtered list if you apply a filter in the UI. The CSV file columns are:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Has Inbox Seat

  • Last Active date

  • 2FA

  • Teammate URL

  • Roles

Note: Last Active Date - This field shows the last date the teammate was active in this workspace (i.e. had Intercom open in a browser).

We do not require the teammate to take any action to update this date. This last_active date should be updated regularly while a teammate is working on a workspace, and is ‘near real time updating.'

Go to Settings > Teammates and click Export CSV.

Note: Teammates in CSV export only applies to the current workspace. This does not export teammates from other workspaces on the same contract who are not present in the workspace currently being viewed.


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