To streamline your customers’ experience, you’ll often need to link them to specific parts of articles in your Help Center. Or, with long articles you may want to include a table of contents, for easy navigation.

You can do this with anchor links. An anchor link will not only load the article, but automatically scroll to the specific header you choose. Read on and find out how to use anchor links 👇

Copy an Anchor link

When editing an article, just hover a header (H1 or H2) and you’ll see this button:

Click it to copy a direct link to this section, which you can then paste anywhere you like:

  • In your product.

  • On your website.

  • In other articles.

  • In messages or macros that you send your customers.

Tip: This link will remain the same if you change the heading text, and works with articles in all languages. 👌

Note: The link will change if you copy and paste a header to a new location.

Now anyone who follows the link will be taken directly to that part of the article, whether they’re viewing it in the Messenger or in your Help Center.

Insert specific parts of an article in conversations

When you send an article in conversations, select if you’d like to highlight a specific section here:

The whole article will be sent, with text from that section highlighted:

When your customer opens it, they’ll be taken to exactly the right spot:

Use anchor links in a table of contents:

Linked headings can also be used as a table of contents at the start of a long article, which allows customers to scan, and skip to the section they’re interested in. Just add a bulleted list, and copy the anchor links from each heading:

Pro tip: With tables you could even link to different content for different people, for a more tailored self-serve experience:

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