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Prioritize companies in Series

Choose to send series messages once per company, or once per user.

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If you have users in your Intercom workspace who are members of multiple companies, they can receive messages multiple times. — Once for each matching company. Learn more in this article.

If you'd like users to receive only one version of a message, for a single matching company, you can prioritize one. 👌

In your series settings, under "Company priority" select "Send each message only to the highest priority matching company":

You can see here how many potentially affected users you have in your workspace:

Next, define the first attribute to be used to prioritize a user's companies. Click "+ Add a rule":

In this example, we've selected "Company web sessions > Descending". This means matching companies for a user will be ordered by the number of sessions they've had, starting with the highest number. The user will receive messages once, with the data for the first company in the list.

If you have companies with the same value for "Company web sessions" you can add additional attributes to prioritize by:

This example will check for the company with the most web sessions. If two or more have the same number of sessions it will then check for the company with the largest number of members.

If two or more companies are equal after prioritizing by your chosen rules, the oldest company will be prioritized.


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