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How do you orchestrate your messaging?
How do you orchestrate your messaging?
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This answer comes from the Intercom Community forum. 👌

How do you orchestrate your messaging?

How does the wider community approach the orchestration of interactions (email/post/chat)?

Challenges we have hit head on on include;

  • Targeting the correct users at a company

  • Limiting how many interactions

  • Landing the next best message

  • One Off Messages versus Ongoing Campaigns

  • Intercom versus other systems and not bombarding your customers

  • Visualising and mapping out the live touchpoints and interactions

We have come up with workarounds and ways to keep the lights on but not sure we really have solved this at scale - so keen on others experiences.

For a detailed response from Kate at Intercom as well as discussion with our community members, check out the full thread here on Intercom Community.


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